What Kundalini Is And Why We All Have To Go Through It

Kundalini is the process of evolving and we all have to evolve, to continue living on Earth. You may have heard people talking about the New Earth. The New Earth is the Earth we are living on right now evolving with us to a higher vibration. When a species chooses not to evolve it goes extinct like the dinosaurs did. They could not survive the changing climate so they died out. Now it is our turn and we have to evolve, change, and adapt to survive. Kundalini is us ascending to higher and higher vibrations by the process of the Universe guiding and sending us the energy to accomplish this. The New Earth will be a higher vibration Earth and not all can go unless they choose to evolve. 

Kundalini energy comes from the Luminaries also known as the Sun and the Moon. It is pure karma energy. The Sun and the Moon are called the Luminaries because they give us light. It is karma energy that comes to you and helps you work through and release your karma. In the Bible this process is called ascension and sin. In Hinduism it is called kundalini and karma. Kundalini has nothing to do with sex. I repeat it has nothing to do with sexual energy, that is a myth. Kundalini energy is called The Holy Spirit in the Bible and having a Kundalini awakening is called being filled with The Holy Spirit in The Bible. You can not make yourself have a kundalini awakening through meditation, yoga, crystals or messing with your chakras, only energy from the Luminaries can do this. 

The whole solar system is involved in the kundalini process and pushes you through it. The Sun and Moon send us the energy. The rest of the planets bring us lessons we must learn to break life cycles, before ascending to the next level of consciousness. The Zodiac Signs tell us how to learn the lesson. The astrological houses tell us what area in our life we will learn the lesson in. 

Kundalini or ascension is the energetic process we go through to evolve and remove our karma or sin. To raise our vibration and evolve us into the higher vibration of the New Earth, so that we as a species survive. 

I myself have been going through kundalini since 2012 but only consciously since 2015. It took me 3 years to realize what was happening and to wake up to the process. It is coming to an end for me now and I have been guided to tell you about what I went through. It was a long arduous journey but entirely worth it. I am a new person. Kundalini changes everything about you and guides you to becoming your Highest Self.


2 thoughts on “What Kundalini Is And Why We All Have To Go Through It

  1. And it is an experience that you will never forget. It is my own personal experience but also understand that as the Kundalini rises it will not leave you, but rise. But I will share this…I saw a great spectacle of fireworks and was so overwhelmed I asked all others I was in meditation with, if they also saw the fireworks…they laughed and said NO. So I knew, in that moment, what had happened and that it was an experience for me alone. And from that moment on, I have never forsaken my connection with God. Ever, and I never will. I have laid all aside to Be in this Oneness, for the honor is so overwhelming I could never even consider Being anything but this. And the journey continues! 💜 eternally One..maha’

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