What Is The Big Deal With Saturn Moving Into Pisces?

What Is The Big Deal With Saturn Moving Into Pisces?

I am sure you have noticed that all the astrologers on social media freaking out because Saturn is changing signs from Aquarius to Pisces. Most of it doom and gloom because Saturn is the planet of obstacles, limitations, structure, discipline, responsibilities, and stern justice. That does sound harsh but not all Saturn is about. 

Pisces is a very intuitive sign and also represents mysticism. Saturn is also about what we put our focus on. Saturn moving into the part of the sky known as Pisces is going to urge people to step out of the matrix. After years of looking for answers to what is going on with them and what is wrong with them. They will start looking for answers in more unconventional ways. After countless visits to the doctor and having been told they can’t find anything wrong and every test coming back that they are healthy. They will start to look for answers to why they don’t feel well in other ways. 

I had been suffering from a variety of strange symptoms for about 3 years before I gave up and started looking for my answers. Neck pain, allergies (I never had before), hives, headaches, chest pain, and a horrible low back ache, were driving me crazy. I went to the doctor over and over. I was put on different medicines and drove across the state to see specialists only to be told I was healthy. I didn’t feel healthy at all. I was miserable. 

One day I decided to find some answers and looked up a number for a tarot reader. There were two on the same street. I drove past the first one and went to the second one and booked a reading. Sometime during the reading the reader mentioned she was an energy healer and I should try it. I booked an energy healing session with her. I had never heard of an energy healer and only knew about tarot readers and psychics from my Mom taking me to one when I was a teenager. 

I went to my energy healing session and she placed crystals on my chakras, used a pendulum and tuning forks on my body. We meditated, prayed, and burned a candle. The session was for an hour. I walked out of there feeling like a million dollars. All my symptoms were gone and I felt healthy. I had weekly sessions with her for about 3 months. 

I watched her do my energy healing sessions and started to learn. I also had tarot readings done. At some point she gave me tarot cards and a pendulum. Then she closed her shop and disappeared. There not being any other energy healers in my area. I used that pendulum and those tarot cards and taught myself tarot reading, pendulum reading, and energy healing. Thus my journey began.

That is about to happen to a lot more people with Saturn moving into Pisces for the next 3 years. They will be following their intuition to find the people, answers, and tools they need for their awakening journey. This is a much better time to awaken than it was in 2015. There is much more information readily available now there was then. There are also many more people that can help you.

There is about to be a big timeline shift in the month of March. Those that have been awakened longer like me, are entering an initiation period and we are getting prepared for the huge group of people that looking for answers. A lot of us have been kept hidden and are going to be coming out to the forefront. We have the answers because we have been training for this for a long time. After all the blood, sweat, and tears we are finally ready. We have the answers everybody will looking for. 

March is nothing to fear it is just going to be a month of deep shifts in our future. The planets are aligning to begin everyone in a new journey. We will raise our vibrations and start on those new journeys. Saturn moving into Pisces is just going to help those just beginning rise out of the 3D matrix and look for those answer in the unknown. Saturn is a teacher and is going to teach us how to use our intuition. We have more planets moving into new signs in March. Saturn moves into Pisces March 7th, Mars moves into Cancer and Pluto Moves into Aquarius on March 23rd. It is the Pluto moving into Aquarius that is going to create that shift pushing the healers that have been in training into the action.  It is Saturn moving into Pisces that will push the people that need help to the people that can help them. We will find each other because the planets are coming together to make that happen. There is nothing to fear and much to look forward to.