A New Wave Of People Are About To Wake Up Spring 2023

A New Wave Of People Are About To Wake Up Spring 2023

This spring we will have another group of people wake up. You can identify this group by the fact that they would have had a major life changing event happen to them in late January to early February when Uranus ended its retrograde.  This shocking change would have awoken their root chakra. Your root chakra has to do with your present relationships, home, career, health, physical reality, and money or finances. A common physical sign your root chakra is awakening is a low persistent back ache. 

This shocking life changing event could be a health diagnosis, change in your home, losing a job or career, loss of income, losing a loved one or someone close to you, or losing a major relationship in your life. It will be a loss that rocks your world and changes it suddenly. It will be something devastating to you and cause you to evaluate your life. Some people wake up organically and don’t experience this but a lot will have to have this happen to wake them up. 

The first wave of people woke up in 2012 and will become leaders for others. In 2017 we began to have a Uranus retrograde at the beginning and end of every year. This set off the waves of people who woke up every spring for every year after. Uranus is called “The Planet of Great Awakenings” for a reason. It represents deep shifts to our future, sudden drastic changes, the unexpected, upheaval, revolutions and individuation. Uranus urges you to evolve and does this by causing a sudden soul shocking change because this is what some people need to cause them to look inside their soul for answers. They will have no choice but to search their soul because they can no longer get the answers they need from outside sources. We wake up in waves so there will be others who appear to help you and they will know how because they have experienced what you are experiencing now. 

After this shocking awakening they will then begin the Dark Night of the Soul. This is a very dark period of time where you will feel exhausted, depressed, and drained. You will have no choice but to slow down and spend time examining your life and what went wrong. You will feel like isolating and spending time alone, weighing what is working and not working in your life. This period can last months or years but once you decide to make the changes that need to happen, it will begin to lift. Once you have done a life review and make the decision to stop trying to change people around you and change yourself, things will get better. 

A lot of us spend our lives focusing on other people and their happiness. It is time to focus on you and your happiness. The more you focus on you the more everything around you will fall into place. Whatever loss occurred for you can be the beginning of a new you and a new life. It is time to take your power back and become the person you always knew you could be. This is why a new wave of people wake up in the spring, spring always brings a new beginning. Not just for the planets and animals but for humans too. All you have to say is I don’t like what my life has become and I want to change it. That is when your journey to your best highest self will begin. Decide what you want your life to become and plant those seeds, then just surrender and let the Universe take over. You are supported, guided, and loved by the entire Universe to follow your dreams.


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