The 7 Major Chakras

Your body has an energy system just like it has a digestive, skeletal, and cardiovascular systems. Your energy system contains chakras, meridians,  and pressure points. Meridians are energy channels where, if you have ever had acupuncture, the needles are placed at pressure points. Meridians cover your entire body. Another part of our energy system are chakras, These are energy centers that are placed in certain areas of our bodies and have meanings. Our past feelings, emotions, experiences, and memories are in our chakras and they can create a blockage if not processed and healed. Blocked chakras if not taken care of can manifest into physical problems and affect our health. The thoughts, feelings, experiences, and memories from the past that are stored in our chakras can also unconsciously affect our present lives. 

The Root Chakra correlates to our sense of safety, security, stability, and our basic needs being met. If as a child you didn’t have your basic needs met, did not feel safe or secure. This would have left repressed emotions in your root chakra that causes you fear and leaves you feeling in unstable in your adult life. The Root Chakra relates to our relationships, careers, finances, homes, and health. If your Root Chakra is not balanced it would be hard to feel safe, secure, and stable in these areas of your life. It is located in your perineum area. The symptoms of a blocked Root Chakra- Leg, feet, hip, sciatic nerve, hemorrhoids, and/or groin pain and cramping. Shooting electrical feeling in legs, feet, and toes

The Sacral Chakra is our self-love chakra. If you have suffered any trauma and abuse in the past these repressed emotions are kept in the Sacral Chakra. This energy would have made it hard to love yourself fully. If you were repeatedly called ugly or stupid as a child, this abuse would have be repressed in your Sacral Chakra and at times surface. You may have unconsciously through life felt ugly or stupid, even if you are beautiful and smart because someone said that to you in an abusive way. The trauma from the abuse would have been stored in the Sacral Chakra and affect you as an adult. It is located from your pelvic bone to just below your belly button. The symptoms of a blocked Sacral Chakra- Frequent urination, bladder pressure, constipation, heavy or irregular periods, spotting, and/or cramps.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is your personal power, willpower, and confidence chakra. If at anytime as a child you felt disrespected, not supported, powerless, or shamed these repressed emotions would have been kept in your Solar Plexus chakra and affected your confidence level as an adult. You also may as an adult feel as though you are powerless and have no control over your life. You may not have the confidence to go after what you want in life or feel like you have the power to change your life. It is located where your diaphragm is. The symptoms of a blocked Solar Plexus Chakra- Diarrhea, cramps, bubbly feeling, gas, indigestion, and/or pressure in the solar plexus area.

The Heart Chakra is your love chakra. If you didn’t feel loved, cared for, or were taught conditional love the need to earn love as a child these repressed emotions would be in your Heart Chakra. Emotions of regret, grief, and heartbreak are kept in your Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is in the middle of your lower physical world chakras and your upper non physical world chakras connecting them. Your first four chakras Root through Heart would be the main chakras you lived by before you awakened and repressed emotions are stored in them. It is located in the middle of your chest. The symptoms of a blocked Heart Chakra- Heart flutters or palpitations, heartburn, chest pressure, and/or anxiety.

The Throat Chakra is the chakra that gives you the ability to speak your truth about what you think and feel. If as a child you felt you couldn’t say what you wanted to say this would have affected your Throat Chakra. A blocked throat chakra can cause you to feel that what you have to say is not important,  you can’t say what you really what to say to people, and you can’t speak your truth or people won’t like you. It is located in the back of your throat. The symptoms of a blocked Throat Chakra- Teeth pain, Congestion, sore throat, allergies, coughing, lump in throat, and/or sinus issues.

The Third Eye Chakra is where your intuition is and your level of awareness. Your level of awareness is how deeply you can perceive situations. Illusions from your subconscious are in your Third Eye Chakra and keep you from seeing the truth about people and situations in your life. Illusions affect your intuition and awareness. Your experiences as a child are stored in your subconscious and can cause illusions. If you felt victimized as a child it can cause you to have the illusion as an adult you are still a victim. It is located in the middle of your lower forehead just a little bit above your eyebrows. The symptoms of a blocked Third Eye Chakra- Headaches, forehead pressure, blurry vision, feeling as though you have pink eye, and/or a sense of dread.

The Crown Chakra is your connection and enlightenment chakra. Your connection to your higher self and higher power. If as a child you suffered from religious or spiritual abuse this can leave you feeling disconnected and alienated. If your Crown Chakra has a blockage you may feel not connected to the world, to other people, and to your higher power. When you feel more connected to the world and other people you will have a desire to serve yourself less and others more. Your Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head. The symptoms of a blocked Crown Chakra- Pressure on top or sides of head, feeling as if you are wearing a headband or hat, headaches, itchy or tingly scalp, sleepy, drained and/or feeling disconnected.

Take Care,