How The Divine Feminine Lost Her Power

The journey of the Divine Feminine that we have all agreed to take has a very important purpose to reclaim the power you lost. The Divine Feminine isn’t a gender it is about energy it is a more a role. So if I say her or she it can be a male or female. We all have Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy and bringing them in balance together is how you attain and become your HigherSelf. 

The Divine Feminine journey is about taking your power back. How we do that is by healing our father image. This father image is a veil or illusion over our third eye that keeps us from seeing the truth. Our third eye helps us perceive situations in our life and if we can’t see the truth in these situations due to an illusion. We stay trapped in cycles and keep attracting the same types of people and situations in our life over and over. These cycles are lessons and we can’t break the cycle until we learn the lesson in the cycle. 

It is as children that we develop a father image. How our father treats us and others gives us an image that we view all masculines in our life through. We then through the Law of Attraction attract that to us to help us learn the lesson and break the cycle. If we don’t learn the lesson the cycle continues. If you had a father that was cold, unemotional, and didn’t give you love or affection. You will through life attract partners that treat you the same way. If you had a father that was unsupportive, you will attract unsupportive partners. If you had a father that abandoned you, you will attract people that abandon you. We attract what helps us heal. Until we heal our father image we will never be able have healthy balanced relationships. You will stay trapped in a cycle of unhealthy relationships and situations. 

The unhealed Divine Feminine gives their power away through relationships because the very first relationship in her life took her power away. The first relationship caused her to develop codependency, the continual focus on others. When you are codependent you continually focus on how another person feels and not how you feel. What someone else wants and not what you want. What will make another person happy and not what will make you happy. This is how you give your power away, it also will cause you to repress your wants, needs, feelings, and desires. You then are putting all your energy into someone else and not you. This leaves you feeling drained, empty, and used because you gave your power away and neglected you. The other person you focus on never gives you back what you are giving them because you attracted someone who takes while you give. 

A perfect example of this is the twinflame relationship. Wether it is real or not. It has a very important purpose, for the Divine Feminine to take her power back from the Divine Masculine. Once she does that she heals her father image. As she is waiting, chasing, and jumping through hoops for her divine masculine she is giving her power away. She is not growing into the powerful feminine she is meant to be. Through the Law of Attraction we get back the energy we give out. So if you are waiting you get more waiting, If you are chasing you get more to chase. If you are jumping through hoops, you will get more hoops to jump through. If you are waiting for someone to grow you are not growing. If you are putting all your energy into another person, you will have no energy left for you. 

The Divine Feminine feels responsible for the Divine Masculines journey to fulfill her journey or mission. This is codependency the focus on another, and codependency takes our power away and gives it to another person. You are not responsible for anyone else’s journey but your own. You are not responsible for anyone’s feelings, actions, needs, wants, desires, or journey but your own. When you concentrate your energy on someone else’s journey, you are not putting energy into your own journey. When you think for you to have a successful journey and heal depends on if someone else does theirs. You have completely handed your power to them.

This journey is about taking your power back. It can’t be dependent on if someone else takes their back. Your healing can’t be dependent on wether someone else heals. That is giving your power away. The Divine Masculine has their own journey to do, healing their mother image. You are responsible for your healing and they are responsible for their healing. As long as you focus on their healing you aren’t healing you. As long as you make you being successful in your journey contingent on wether they are successful in their journey. You are giving your power away. 

Your mission is to heal you and only you. As long as you think or feel you are responsible for someone else’s mission. You are in a karmic cycle and to break that cycle you have to take your power and energy back and focus it on you. 

Take Care.

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  1. Thank you. I needed to hear this. My soul has given me the guidance recently to completely focus on myself. I was far too focused on helping my divine masculine and it literally got me nowhere. My focus now is on me and me alone. I hope you don’t mind if I share this post on my fb page. I’m sure others need to hear it as well. Thank you.

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