I like to do everything by email so you will have a written record to look at. It is hard to remember everything that is said during a phone call. You can refer to your email whenever you need to. I practice Kundalini Astrology and Tarot. I can see your soul’s journey to evolve with these tools.

$50 USD Energy Clearing and Astrology Reading by Email

I will clear all your 12 chakras and tell you what is going on with your energy and how to move forward. I can tell a lot by the condition of your chakras. I will need your date, time, and place of birth to read your birth charts soul journey. I will tell you exactly what issues you need to work on and what your mission is on your journey to self-mastery. I will pull some tarot cards if necessary.

$30 USD Energy Clearing by email

Energy healing and an energy report by email. I will give you a written report on your chakras and how they tell you what you need to go further on your journey. I will also pull some tarot cards to give you guidance.

Please send payment and we will then set up a time for your energy healing and reading. Send an email request to let me know about your payment.