$50 USD   One Hour Phone Energy Clearing, Coaching and Tarot Reading

After years of working with clients, I have found a tarot reading combined with energy clearing, is the session that promotes the most growth. The tarot reading gives you guidance on what happening with your inner and outer life. The energy clearing completely clears you of an energy opposing your growth and aids you in raising your vibe.. The tarot gives you guidance on inner work that needs to be done. If you change your inner life. Your outer life has no choice but change along with it. Change begins inside and then reflects outside. Sessions are an hour long we start with energy clearing and then proceed into a tarot reading. I clear all your chakras, meridians, and energy points and coach you on how to keep your energy clear.

$25 USD Energy Clearing by email

Energy healing and an energy report by email.

$70 USD Astrology Reading and Energy Healing by Email

I will need your place, time, and date of birth. I use astrology differently. I call it Kundalini Astrology. I can tell by your birth chart how energy from the planets and signs will affect today. What chakras you will be working on, what issues you need to focus on healing, how you will physically feel, and what to look out for. This includes a full energy healing of chakras and meridians. This will give you an outlook for about a month on your healing journey.

Please send payment and we will then set up a time for your energy healing and/or reading. Send an email request to let me know about your payment. If it is through PayPal. PayPal hasn’t been notifying me of payments.