What Exactly Is Kundalini?

Many people have never heard the word kundalini or don’t fully understand what it is. Simply put kundalini is the journey to your Higher Self. It is the activation of your higher chakras located on your spine and the back of your head. When the higher chakras are fully activated you become your Higher Self and have an orbit of continuous energy around your body. You can accelerate your kundalini/higher self journey by keeping your energy, chakras, and meridians clear of any energy opposing your kundalini journey, negative energy, energetic cords, and implants/energy blocks. What slows the process down is energy blocks that the kundalini energy has to work through. You can turn years into months just by keeping your energy clear on the kundalini journey.

I recently have upgrade my energy clearing skills to being able to clear meridians. This is like getting acupuncture without the needles. Just clearing the 12 chakra system and hand, feet and minor chakras was only getting clients 80% clear. I have now added clearing the 14 meridian systems to clear a client 100%.

I Offer Three Different Sessions

$50 USD   One Hour Phone Kundalini Counseling Session and Energy Healing Plus Tarot Reading. 

I start with an energy assessment and complete energy clearing and healing. This will tell you exactly where you are at in your kundalini journey and how far you have to go and what to expect. I will go over your energy health and self care and how you can improve it. This assessment will also tell you the inner work you need to to be concentrating on and the wound you are healing.  You will feel grounded, balanced and more comfortable and be more aware and more informed about the process and what to expect.  Your energy will be completely clear of any energy that can slow down the process or keep you stuck. The clearer and more balanced your chakras and energy the easier and faster the kundalini energy can get through your chakra system so you can finish the kundalini journey. I include a tarot reading in the session to assist you in your journey.

Pre-purchase 4 $50 sessions for $180 USD. I will then set up weekly or biweekly sessions.

$25 USD  Energy Clearing and Healing by Email

I clear all your chakras and your energy system. I include an energy assessment and level. I remove all negative energy and energetic cords. You will be grounded and balanced after this clearing.

Pre-purchase 4 $25 sessions for $90 USD. I will then set up weekly or biweekly sessions.

$75 USD Kundalini Counseling Session and Energy Healing Plus Tarot Reading. 

Same as the $50 dollar session but by video

Please send payment and we will then set up a time for whichever session you choose. The clearer your energy is the faster you can complete the journey. Weekly or biweekly sessions can accelerate this process.