Sessions Offered…

Please submit payment through Paypal or Venmo before sending your email request. After payment is sent please send the email request or include your email address on your Paypal payment so I can contact you.  I will also tell you when I will have your reading back to you or schedule an appointment for whichever session you have chosen.

Level of Awareness/Consciousness Reading & Energy Healing – $50 USD by email only
I will email you an energy assessment and then call you to go over the information. A complete energy clearing and healing is included. The energy assessment will tell you where you are at in your kundalini journey and how far you have to go and what to expect. I will go over your energy health and self care and how you can improve it. This assessment will also tell you the inner work you need to to be concentrating on.

Energy Clearing and Healing – $25 USD by email only
I clear all your chakras and your energy system. I include an energy assessment and level. I remove all negative energy and energetic cords. You will be grounded and balanced after this clearing.

Pre-purchase 4 – $25 Energy Clearing and Healing Sessions ahead of time for $90 USD and save $10. I will set a weekly or biweekly time for your sessions.

Accelerated Kundalini Program**New**
Kundalini can be an unpleasant, uncomfortable, and an energetically intense experience. The goal is to get you through it as quickly as possible, by keeping your chakras and energy system clear.  My Accelerated Kundalini Program energy clearing and healing system is helping my clients accelerate their healing journey from years to months.  By assessing which chakra the kundalini energy is in and the next chakra it will be entering, I am able to move it through faster.  This gives the kundalini energy less work to do because there is less energy and blockages to get through.  The more energy and energy blockages the kundalini energy has to work through, the longer it stays in that chakra.  Clearing, moving and assisting the kundalini energy to keep moving will shorten the process.  

I start with one $50 energy assessment session by email. After the initial energy assessment is completed, $25 weekly energy clearing and healing sessions will be done to clear and prepare your chakras for the kundalini energy to keep moving unobstructed. I have clients that do these sessions twice a week or more (this program requires at least one session or more).  The clearer your chakras and energy is the quicker the kundalini energy can get through your chakra system so you can finish the kundalini journey.

For each energy clearing and healing session, I will send you a complete report on the condition of your chakras and where the kundalini energy is at this time.  I will include the best ways to help yourself through this process, how much work the kundalini energy has done and how much further it needs to go.  Your energy will be completely clear of any energy, opposing your kundalini journey, energetic cords, and implants/energy blocks. You will feel grounded, balanced and more comfortable by being aware and more informed about the process and what to expect.

I may need to call you periodically to answer questions or get information from you. Just to touch base.

Pre-purchase your first month of one $50 USD energy assessment session and 3 weekly or biweekly energy clearing and healing sessions for $100 and get one energy clearing and healing session for free!

Pre-purchase 4 $25 energy clearing and healing sessions ahead of time for $90 USD and save $10. I will set a weekly or biweekly time for your sessions.

Kundalini Counseling by phone – $75 USD (1 hour)
I will do a level of awareness/consciousness reading, energy healing and assessment, and tarot reading. I will give you guidance and answer any questions you have.