What Does Having A Lack Mindset Mean?

What we are trying to achieve on this journey is having an abundance mindset. When you have an abundance mindset you can easily manifest your desires. It is a high vibrational frequency and the higher your vibration is the better the manifestations will be. You have to be a vibrational match to the manifestation you want to bring in. To be a good Manifestor you have to have a high vibration so you can move energy.

The opposite of an abundance mindset is a lack mindset. This mindset is the never having enough mindset. We will be working on healing this mindset for a while so it is best you know exactly what it is. I was releasing a lot of this mindset the other day. The thoughts that ran through my head were I was not having enough views on my posts. I did not have enough visitors to my blogsite, Is there really a point in renewing my site in June? I also was thinking about how I am not making enough money at my job. I did not have enough clients this month to make up for the money I wasn’t earning at my job. 

These thoughts ran over and over in my head and I felt my vibration lower. I also knew I was just purging so nothing I was thinking was true. That this energy would stop and the thoughts would go away once it did. My vibration would go back up and I would feel better when the thoughts stopped. This went on for about 2 days and I also had a massive migraine when this was happening. I knew it was the Mercury Retrograde shadow period  and that is why this was happening. The energy did stop and I felt better immediately and my vibe went back up.

Greedy and selfish people have a lack mindset. They always think they don’t have enough and they focus their mind on that. What you focus your mind on grows. You want to try and focus on abundance because it will bring more abundance to you. It will also keep your vibe higher. When you are purging this will be hard to do but you can make it a little bit easier if you are more aware of what and why this is happening to you. The whole time I was purging I was also thinking that the thoughts I was thinking weren’t true and this will be over soon.

You will be purging a lot of thoughts until Mercury enters the sign of Cancer on June 26th. When we will then switch to purging emotions. Mercury is in Taurus now and Tauruses can be indulgent and materialistic. While it is in Taurus you will be thinking you don’t have enough of more material things. Taurus rules the 2nd house, the house of value, material desires, possessions, and earning abilities. When Mercury moves into Gemini it is at home because Mercury is the natural ruler of Gemini. When Mercury is in Gemini we will be focusing on our early childhood and any repressed thoughts from that time period. 

The more aware you are of what is happening to you the easier it will be because you won’t just think you are a negative person. You will know there is a reason you are thinking negatively and it is only temporary. It is also part of the healing process that we all have to go through to achieve healthy and abundant thinking. That new abundance mindset will bring your manifestations to you at a higher vibrational level.