The Energetic Significance Of Easter

The Energetic Significance Of Easter We all know the story of Jesus and Easter. It is the day he rose from the dead to ascend to Heaven. Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and rose again on Easter. We celebrate these holidays every year but what does this story mean energetically for us? We have … Continue reading The Energetic Significance Of Easter

Big Energy Shift This week March 20th-25th 2023

March 20th-25th 2023 Everybody rest up today. We have some intense energy this week. Today is the New Year's Eve of the zodiac calendar. Monday: The first day of spring and a new zodiac year. Aries Season begins. Spring Equinox Tuesday: A New Moon in Pisces/Aries depending if you shifted to a new timeline or … Continue reading Big Energy Shift This week March 20th-25th 2023