What Else Do We Have Besides Chakras? Meridians Our Energy Channels.

I had a download about 4 days ago about meridians. My guides had given me my chakra clearing system about 4 years ago as part of my Higher Learning. A few days ago they downloaded the meridian system to me. 

How a download works is they give you a bunch of information and it is up to you to fit the pieces together and figure it out. It took about 3 days but I have a new system to clear the 14 meridian systems of the body. It is like getting acupuncture from a distance without needles.

I am going to explain the meridians to you so you can understand how they work in the energy system.

The meridians are related to organs. You have meridians for the Lungs, Large and Small Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Bladder, Kidneys, Pericardium, Gallbladder, Triple Energizer, and Liver. These are called your 12 Primary Meridians. 

You then have 2 Major Energy Vessels. The Governor Vessel and the Conception vessel. 

You also have 6 Minor Energy Vessels. The Yin Linking Vessel, The Yin Motility Vessel, The Yang Linking Vessel, The Yang Motility Vessel, The Penetrating Vessel, and The Girding Vessel. 

These meridians are energy channels that cover your entire body and have energy points on them. The bladder meridian has 67 energy points and goes the entire length of your body. The heart meridian only has 9 and goes down your arm.

The right side of your body is Yin feminie energy that flows up and the left is Yang masculine energy that flows down. That is why the Yin-Yang symbol swirls together. That is how your energy is supposed to flow up and down your energy channels or meridians.

An energy block in one or more of your meridian systems can result in some major pain. A lot of sciatic nerve pain is from a blocked meridian. We have been dealing with that in my house and this is why I decided to learn all about meridians. If the energy you are receiving hits an energy block it can be extremely painful.

I know we see a lot of information about chakras but clear meridians channels are important to energy flowing through your energy body system. An energy block in a leg can cause your legs and feet to swell painfully. You want your energy to flow smoothly and constantly through your meridians and chakras, so you stay grounded and balanced at all times. 

I have been encountering a lot of men with right leg problems. They are just beginning their kundlaini journey to their higher self and the right side of the body is feminine energy. The beginning of the kundalini journey is healing the Divine Feminine. So they are encountering energy blocks with their Divine Feminine Energy. The Divine Feminine journey is the opening and activating of the 7 Major Chakras. The Divine Feminine is healing of the physical and emotional body. A lot of us were taught to repress emotions but especially men as children. So if you have a man in your life with issues on the right side of their body, they are probably on their Divine Feminine journey. Of course women can have issues too but men seem to be having a harder time with their Divine Feminine journey.

No matter what sex we are we all have Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy. When these 2 journeys are taken and the Divine Feminine is healed and then the Divine masculine is healed. They merge together and you become your Higher Self. It can be an intense journey but keeping your energy clear can greatly accelerate it. The energy can flow through you and not hit an energy block. I wanted to make you aware there was more to the energy system than just chakras. Your meridians are important too. 

Love and Light, 


My name is Dawn and I have studied the kundalini journey, chakras, and energy for 5 years. Visit soulsisterstruth.com for more information on the kundalini journey to your higher self.


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