The Human Chakra System And Your Journey To Awakening And Rebirth

I wanted to explain the human chakra system so you know what you are feeling and where they are located on you.

Most of you know the seven major ones, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown but we also have what is called higher chakras. Most pictures depict these outside your body but they are not. They actually go down your back of your head and spine and create an orbit of chakras around your body. This is also called the Microcosmic Orbit, by the time you are done with this journey. You will have a constant flow of energy flowing in an orbit around your body. This is a process of opening and clearing these chakras one by one, a process called kundalini awakening.

You can’t physically see a chakra. A doctor can’t cut you open and see it because it’s a vortex of energy, that can’t been seen with our eyes. Through your life you have lived through experiences that cause dead energy to accumulate on and around your chakras. Kundalini is the the process of this dead energy being removed by energy coming to you from the sun (solar), moon (lunar), planets (planetary), and the divine (Christ consciousness).

So I will best explain where they are located because it is very uncomfortable when energy goes to a chakra and purges it of dead energy.

So your energy field is like the earths energy field. The root chakra and crown chakra being the north and south pole. Then you have a circle or orbit of chakras in between. Five chakras in the front and 5 chakras in the back. You also have hand chakras, feet chakras, and minor chakras. Minor chakras are all over your arms, legs, shoulders, front, and back of your torso. So if you suddenly have a pain in your shoulder or ribs that is a minor chakra purging.

Root chakra at the base of your spine

Sacral chakra a few inches below your navel

Solar plexus below your diaphragm

Heart chakra between your breasts

Throat chakra the back of your throat where if you opened your mouth and see past your tonsils

Third eye chakra between your eyebrows and up a half inch or inch

Crown the top of your head

Soul star chakra directly behind your third eye on the back of your head

God’s Mouth chakra directly behind your throat chakra at the top of your neck and bottom of skull where there is a soft hollow spot. Also called Jade Pillow or Well of Dreams

High Heart chakra directly behind your heart chakra between your shoulder blades on your spine

Zeal point chakra directly behind the solar plexus on the spine

Earth star chakra directly behind your sacral chakra located on the spine lower back.

Back to Root chakra

So the first half of your journey healing the divine feminine, emotional body, and seeing through victim consciousness. Involves the opening and purging of your first 7 chakras, root through crown. If you do the inner work and don’t get stuck, you go to the second half healing of the divine masculine, mental body, and seeing through poverty consciousness, this journey will involve the opening and purging of your higher chakras Earth star through Soul star. Your hand, feet, and minor chakras go through both journeys.

What it feels like when kundalini is finished is amazing. You feel like a kid again. You have unlimited energy, no aches, no pains, grounded, centered, and balanced all the time. There is no more energy healing you stay that way 24/7. No more insomnia, you don’t get sick, and all the symptoms are gone. It’s like childbirth you forget all the bad and are happy for the good that came out of the process. You really did go through the birth of a new you. It seems like it never happened, although I know it did because I talk to other people going through it now. So, physically you feel wonderful all the time. You can deal with emotions and have mastered them. You have mastered your thinking. You have achieved complete balance between the heart and mind and mastered yourself. It’s a wonderful thing.


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