Moon in Pisces May 13 & 14th Moonscope

Moon in Pisces May 13 & 14th The Moon in Pisces has us looking at why we are drawn to unstable people and why we draw them to us. These unstable relationships are us trying to fulfill our deepest needs and part of our habitual and instinctual reactions in connections with others. Not everyone is … Continue reading Moon in Pisces May 13 & 14th Moonscope

May 11th&12th Moon in Aquarius Moonscope

The Moon in Aquarius May 11th and 12th will have us releasing emotions, so we can uncover some of our ancestral secrets that are in our DNA. 98.5% of our DNA sequences are called “Junk DNA” that we don’t use and that 98.5% contains instructions, secrets, and gifts, from our ancestors. As we go through … Continue reading May 11th&12th Moon in Aquarius Moonscope

Mercury April 3rd to June 11th: Changing Your Mind

April 3rd to April 21st  Mercury is going to help you release your Lack Mindset also called Poverty Consciousness. This is a mindset that causes you to only focus on what you are lacking and not focusing on the abundance you have. What your mind focuses on is what we grow more of. Mercury will … Continue reading Mercury April 3rd to June 11th: Changing Your Mind

Inner Work April 2nd, 2023

April 2nd Today you might come to a self-realization that you have been hypocritical with your thoughts and feelings towards someone close to you. Yes, you have put a lot of work in yourself but you have to come to the realization that you used to be like them. It is not your place to … Continue reading Inner Work April 2nd, 2023

Kundalini Vibes March 17th, 2023

The Moon is in Aquarius today wanting you to be aloof in your day to day communication. We have some taurus energy urging us to seek harmony in our communication with others. Mars is asking you to practice self-assertion because you know your worth. You are aligning with your life’s purpose and your empire of … Continue reading Kundalini Vibes March 17th, 2023

2023 Retrograde Season

We had a couple months long break from retrogrades as our last retrograde Uranus in Taurus ended January 22nd 2023. Retrograde season will pick up again April 21st with Mercury retrograding in Taurus. This first retrograde will get your mind prepared for the rest of the retrograde season. Here is the 2023 retrograde schedule: Mercury … Continue reading 2023 Retrograde Season