Healing Sessions & Scans

Hi! I am a Lightworker,  Energy  Healer and master journey reader using the tarot and pendulum. I know a lot about energy, spiritual awakenings, and the kundalini/ascension process (the awakening of the human energy system) and especially the lightworker journey. I have been through my own lightworker journey of having my life torn down and have successfully built it back up. I learned a lot in this process and want to help and guide you through it.

I offer 2 Healing Sessions to fit any budget.

$25 USD Sessions by email. I clear all energy from your human energy system so you will be balanced. I give you advice and mentoring about your journey. I tell you how far in your journey that you are and what to look out for in this phase. Including a complete energy check and assessment.

$50 USD Everything that is in the email session is included but I also add a journey reading using a pendulum and the tarot. I also give you any channeled messages from the divine. I highly recommend phone sessions as a lot more can be done. These sessions are on the phone.

$33 USD Journey reading using tarot , channeling, and pendulum. I only do readings focusing on your lightworker journey. I believe if we change ourselves our outer lives have no choice but to change too.

$25 USDI also do animal healing,s as they have an energy system. If you have a rescue pet this is very helpful to clear out any past pain and trauma. Animals also go through the awakening of the energy system.

All sessions and scans are prepaid through paypal and most can be the same day.


Email me at dawnbailey7771@gmail.com if you are interested.



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