Healing Sessions & Scans

I am a Mediator,  Energy  Healer, Inner Child Guider and Master Journey Reader using the tarot and pendulum. A mediator is between you and the divine and I give you messages about your journey from your divine guides. I know about energy and the kundalini/ascension process (the awakening and healing of the human energy system) and especially the lightworker journey and the intense inner child work that has to be done for a successfully completed journey. I have been through my own lightworker journey and completed it. I learned a lot of information in this process and on this journey to healing. I would love to share that information and guide through it so you can complete your journey  too.

This Is What I Offer:

$50 USD My session include energy healing and inner child work. I can tell you how far you have come and how far you have to go. I can assess your health and diet. The condition of your emotional, mental and spiritual energy system. Inner child work consists of letting you know your emotional and metal (ego) triggers and where they came from. Your relationships in your life, the purpose, what kind, and how to navigate them. Your gifts and what gifts are to come. Unresolved pain and trauma and how to heal from it. How to practice self care and take care of yourself so you don’t get drained. Last but not least how to get through this journey as fast as possible. All sessions on the phone are 1 hour long. It will be a lot of information. I also deliver messages from your guides, arch angels, and ascended masters. These are intense sessions many laugh and most cry but you will feel better afterwards and have personalized knowledge about yourself and your journey.

$33 USD Journey reading using tarot , channeling, and pendulum. I only do readings focusing on your lightworker spiritual journey. I believe if we change ourselves our outer lives have no choice but to change too. This is by email.

$25 USD Energy Healing and Energy Assessment done by email. I remove energetic cords, any negative energy, and ground and balance you.

$25 USD I also do animal healing’s as they have an energy system too. If you have a rescue pet this is very helpful to clear out any past pain and trauma. Animals also go through the awakening of the energy system. I have done horses, cats, dogs, and even fish. This is by email.

All sessions and scans are prepaid through paypal  at: https://www.paypal.me/sulissummers

Please do not send me messages on facebook. I will not answer as it is my personal private page please email me. I don’t do free work of any kind. Not because of money but because I was informed by my guides helping people for free interferes with their karmic journey and their learning process. You have to learn and if you don’t want me to teach you. You have to find your own answers. If you really need to see me ask the universe to provide and it will.

Email me at dawnbailey7771@gmail.com if you are interested.



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