Level Of Awareness Journey Readings

Hi my name is Dawn I am a kundalini journey expert and guide. I have been through my own arduous kundalini journey and have successfully navigated my way through it.

What is the kundalini journey?

Many people think they have been on their journey their whole lives. This is true for some but kundalini is a different journey it is when the universe sends you energy to help you through the journey. While the universe does send you energy to help, you have to work with this energy and raise your level of awareness. You do this by doing inner work and dissolving the illusions that keep you from seeing the truth. Your level of awareness is how much of the truth you can see in yourself, people around you, and the world. We all have illusions from our childhood about ourselves and go through life viewing everything through our illusions that keep us from seeing the truth. This journey if you complete i,t will allow you to clearly see the truth and set you free from all pain and trauma you have ever been through in your life. To truly raise your vibration and complete the entire kundalini journey you have to be free of all illusions that have been keeping you from living your best life. The life you deserve.

Level of Awareness Journey Readings. $33 USD. These readings will tell you what level of consciousness your are at and how to get to the next level. You have to see through an illusion to advance to the next level of awareness. I can tell you how to navigate this journey because I have done it. It is a long hard journey but well worth it. Not all who start will finish because a lot become stuck from illusions they can’t see through. I can tell you the current illusion you need to see through to get to the next level in your journey and I can also tell you how far you have come. Kundalini goes through our 5 bodies, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Etheric (Energy Body) and Subconscious Body. The kundalini energy helps us remove the dead repressed energy that consists of emotions, thoughts, memories, and experiences that we were taught to repress. You have to do your inner work along with the kundalini energy.

Energy Healing and Level of Awareness Journey Reading $50 USD

This is the same as the reading above but I will include a complete energy healing and energy assessment. You energy will be completely clear of negative energy, energetic cords, and implants (which are really just energy blocks).

I do everything by email so you will have a written record to look back on while you are doing your inner work. I don’t offer any phone sessions as its a lot of information to try and remember. Please submit payment through paypal before emailing me. After payment is sent email me or include your email address on your paypal payment so I can contact you. I will also tell you when I will have your reading back to you.





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