$50 USD   One Hour Phone Tarot Reading and Energy Clearing

After years of working with clients, I have found a tarot reading combined with energy clearing, is the session that promotes the most growth. The tarot reading gives you guidance on what happening with your inner and outer life. The energy clearing completely clears you of an energy opposing your growth. The tarot gives you guidance on internal work that needs to be done to raise your vibe and the energy healing helps you raise your vibe. If you change your inner life. Your outer life has no choice but change along with it. Change begins inside and then reflects outside. Sessions are an hour long we start with energy clearing and then proceed into a tarot reading.

$25 Email Energy Clearing

This includes complete energy clearing. I will also go over any inner work and issues with your energy that need addressed.

$30 USD Tarot Reading By Email

I will email you a full tarot reading. My readings are in-depth and will reveal deep information to you. I will give you the answers you need to progress further on your journey.

Pendulum Readings by Email

They don’t have to be yes or no questions as my pendulum can spell out words and sentences. They will be detailed answers.

$20 USD I will answer 8 questions.

$15 USD I will answer 5 questions.

$10 USD I will answer 3 questions.

Please send payment and we will then set up a time for your energy healing and/or reading. Send an email request or email me at to let me know about your payment. PayPal hasn’t been notifying me of payments.