Archangel and Ascended Masters Readings for $33 

Ascended Masters are those that have taken this journey while human and mastered it. They are available to us for guidance and advice. We will work with different Ascended Masters on our journey as we progress.

Archangels are extensions of God that are available to us humans. All the archangels are healers and there for us for guidance and support. You will be visited and work with many different Archangels at certain stages of your journey. Archangels are always around us but they can not intervene you unless you ask them too, each Archangel and Ascended Master have different meanings, functions, and purposes.

My readings will tell you which Archangel and Ascended Master you should be working with, at this stage of your journey. I will also give you personal messages of guidance and loving support from your Archangel and Ascended Master.

These readings are by email. I will include information that comes through during the channeling that is personally pertaining to you and your journey.

I also offer Karmic and Twinflame Relationship Readings for $22

There are 2 types of relationships on our spiritual journey. Karmic and Twinflame. I can tell you what type of relationship you are in and what lessons you and your partner are supposed to learn in the relationship. All relationships on our journey are meant to heal us and to teach us to put ourselves first.

Karmic Relationships are meant to show us what we need to work on. They tear us down so we can build ourselves back up. These types of relationships teach us lessons about valuing ourselves and putting ourselves first. These relationships cause us to look at ourselves and what we need to change about ourselves. So we don’t continue to attract these types of partners. These relationships are often catalysts for our spiritual awakening.

Twinflame Relationships have a very important purpose too they help you build yourself up. They are our spiritual partner for our awakening. They help us heal so we can have healthy relationships in life. You and your twinflame will trigger each other’s issues so that they can be healed. I can tell you the triggers you will face and the triggers your twinflame will face in the relationship and the healing it is meant to bring.

As Above So Below Reading $44

I charge a little more for this reading as I use 2 decks. It will be a 20 card reading. One deck for LowerSelf and one deck for HigherSelf. This reading will tell you what is happening in your everyday life and how it is playing out in your HigherSelf. They work together and there always is a higher purpose and meaning to what is going on in your everyday life. The HigherSelf reading will include the planets and elements and how they are influencing you, guiding you, and transforming your everyday life.

All these readings are by email. 

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