Incoming Crown And Third Eye Energy 5/2/2020

We have incoming Crown and Third Eye Energy. Crown is your connection to source. You can feel pressure on the sides or top of your head. Third Eye is where your illusions are and how you see the truth in situations. This can give you pressure in the middle of your forehead. An illusion contains … Continue reading Incoming Crown And Third Eye Energy 5/2/2020

Incoming Heart Chakra Energy 4/28/2020

We have incoming heart chakra energy.Purging situations that cause us anxiety. Anxiety is fear. Grief, sadness, regrets also block our connection and love to others and the divine. The energy coming in is working of removing these blocks so feeling sad, or anxious is common when his is happening. Just let it surface and release. … Continue reading Incoming Heart Chakra Energy 4/28/2020

Incoming Heart Chakra Energy 4/26/2020

We have incoming heart chakra energy today.You may feel anxiety. Anxiety is really fear and fear based energy is being removed from the heart chakra.The heart chakra is our ability to love others and our divine connection. So this energy is working on removing thise fear blocks that are interfering with our abilty to unconditionally … Continue reading Incoming Heart Chakra Energy 4/26/2020

Incoming Sacral Chakra Energy 4/19/2020

The sacral chakra is where we have energy blocks that relate to past painful and traumatic relationships. These blocks interfere with your ability to fully love yourself. You may be having painful childhood memories or memories from past abusive relationships surface today. Just release these thoughts and emotions , every time you do your vibration … Continue reading Incoming Sacral Chakra Energy 4/19/2020

Huge Incoming Energy Upgrade

We started with solar plexus energy but that has moved up to the crown.So if you suddenly got very tired this is why.You may also get a headache, blurry vision, and feel disconnected.You might sit there thinking of everything you need to do but nor feeling like doing it or can't decide what to do.This … Continue reading Huge Incoming Energy Upgrade

Incoming Solar Plexus Chakra Energy 4/16/2020

We have solar plexus energy releasing fear based energy coming that started early this morning on 4/16/2020. Doubts and fears that block your true self-coincidence are being released. Stay present and let them go. Don't try and repress or suppress that is our old behaviors that got us where we are now. The universe is … Continue reading Incoming Solar Plexus Chakra Energy 4/16/2020

Incoming Throat Chakra Energy 4/14/2020

We had throat chakra energy come in last night. This energy is clearing out dead fear-based energy that is keeping you from speaking your truth. As Lightworkers we are all about the truth but may have not always been able to express our truth. We are Lightworkers and carry the sword of truth. Soon it … Continue reading Incoming Throat Chakra Energy 4/14/2020

Incoming Sacral Chakra Energy 4/12/2020

Sacral Chakra energy started so you might be reflecting a lot on past relationships that caused you trauma and pain. Just release these thoughts, emotions, and experiences.You may have had dreams about this trauma and pain last night because the energy started in the middle of the night.Dreams are how our subconscious purges while we … Continue reading Incoming Sacral Chakra Energy 4/12/2020

Crown Chakra Energy Coming In 4/9/2020

We had some crown chakra energy start about a half hour ago at 12:15pm EST. If you suddenly got very tired and drained that is why. You probably feel like you need to take a nap. You might also feel some top of head pressure and have a hard time staying focused. It can affect … Continue reading Crown Chakra Energy Coming In 4/9/2020