Hi, my name is Dawn.

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I am a kundalini journey expert and guide. I have been through my own arduous kundalini journey and have successfully navigated my way through it.

What is the kundalini journey?

Many people think they have been on their journey their whole lives. This is true for some but kundalini is a different journey it is when the universe sends you energy to help you through the journey. While the universe does send you energy to help, you have to work with this energy and raise your level of awareness. You do this by doing inner work and dissolving the illusions that keep you from seeing the truth. Your level of awareness is how much of the truth you can see in yourself, people around you, and the world. We all have illusions from our childhood about ourselves and go through life viewing everything through our illusions that keep us from seeing the truth. This journey will allow you to clearly see the truth and set you free from all pain and trauma you have ever been through. To truly raise your vibration and complete the entire kundalini journey you have to be free of all illusions that have been keeping you from living your best life. The life you deserve. I also offer twinflame counseling and readings. I have also successfully been through this journey.

This site was created to spread awareness, love and truth to others.  I have finally completed my kundalini journey.  Now I have been urged to share everything with you and educate you, so that you may complete yours.

I have created The Lightworker Channel… on YouTube along with this blog for Energy Updates and Kundalini educational videos for Lightworkers. Please join me on this journey, you don’t have to do this journey alone.

I accept donations to help me build this channel and blog.  If you would like to donate please click on the Donations page.  Any amounts of Love & Light donations are appreciated.

To schedule a personal session with me visit my Sessions page. For more information, you can email me by visiting my Contact page.