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Hi, my name is Dawn. I completed my journey to my Higher Self and now it is my mission to help you reach your Higher Self. 

Many people have never heard the word kundalini or don’t fully understand what it is. Simply put kundalini is the journey to your Higher Self. It is the activation of your higher chakras located on your spine and the back of your head. When the higher chakras are fully activated you become your Higher Self and have an orbit of continuous energy around your body. You were born with a lightbody and this process restores you to that lightbody by removing fearbased energy.

I have many resources of information and I do offer sessions and programs to help you.

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The more time and energy invested in yourself and this journey the faster you complete it and start living your best life. Knowledge is power on the kundalini journey.It is a lot of work but the payoff is huge!

Thomas is who brings you the meditation videos on this blog. If you would like to contact Thomas or visit his website here is the link: https://www.intentionrepeater.com

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