About SoulSistersTruth

Hi! My name is Dawn and I want to help you evolve into your HigherSelf!

The journey to your HigherSelf is all about finding the truth and raising your level of awareness. The truth you seek is about yourself and helps you evolve and raise your vibration. The truth shall set you free to live the life you have always dreamed about and desired. The life you have always deserved to live.

The more you work on yourself and peal back the layers, the higher your vibration rises. You eventually become a vibrational match to attract that best life you have always wanted to live. Your outer life has no choice but to evolve with you.

I do offer Tarot and Energy Healing sessions. Please visit the Sessions Page for information.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqwvSjg0hih1maF828Vt_mQ


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