Sun In Gemini; Reinventing Yourself & Changing Your Inner Perception

The Sun Enters Gemini May 21st to June 21st Gemini Season

The Sun enters Gemini and we are going to continue to work on the intentions set by the New Moon in Taurus. Gemini Season is going to have you focus on reinventing your identity and changing your inner-self and perception of life. Changing your perception from lack to abundance. It is important that you slow down and focus on this inner work. This horoscope is for your Sun sign. 

Aries- You are stubbornly working carefully towards what you want. You have guidance available to you that you need to bring to consciousness. If you want to have your wealth restored you need to increase your focus on your goals.

Taurus- When you crave control to give you a sense of safety and security, it will keep you unaligned. You are a vibrational match for this to be healed. If you use your inner strength to take back control and just not crave it you will move onto the future.

Gemini- Your transition is incomplete. It is important that you step back and let karma take care of this. You have almost achieved victory and energy is on its way to help you out.

Cancer- Your fear of abandonment is surfacing for you to heal. You have a great resource of your amazing inner strength to use but you must try harder. If you do, you will be leaving with the prize.

Leo- Your abundance wants to come but first you need to focus on yourself and your self-righteousness. You are not superior over anyone, just more evolved. You need to relax this stance for your abundance begins to arrive. 

Virgo- You have a tendency to jump to conclusions, when your emotions are out of control. If you learn this lesson, you will avoid a negative outcome and end this karmic cycle. 

Libra-  You are about to learn a lesson in that you don’t share or reveal your feelings and  bottle them up, Energy is on its way to help you purge these emotions and help you reach alignment. These will lead to a huge transformation. 

Scorpio- You are being prepared for healing your intolerance to having emotions. There will be guidance and help to leave this negative situation. Then you will have achieved a goal and release a karmic burden.

Sagittarius- You keep changing your mind and this has created a toxic situation for you. You have many options on how to take back your control and power. Higher guidance is available to you and energy is on the way to help you heal this issue. 

Capricorn- You have almost achieved a goal but you have an issue of not admitting when you are wrong. You are about to end this cycle by purging your emotions. Then it will be time for you to take action on your monetary issues. 

Aquarius- You are too impersonal at times and this has created an obstacle to your happiness. This obstacle is about to be removed. Just surrender and trust the process, there is fast energy coming to help you win this fight.

Pisces- You are a vibrational match to heal what is keeping you unable to separate reality from fantasy. You keep looking at what you lost and that is making you resistant to change. The destruction is now complete and it is now time to rebuild.