Moon in Pisces May 13 & 14th Moonscope

Moon in Pisces May 13 & 14th

The Moon in Pisces has us looking at why we are drawn to unstable people and why we draw them to us. These unstable relationships are us trying to fulfill our deepest needs and part of our habitual and instinctual reactions in connections with others. Not everyone is worthy to have a connection with you. The goal is for you to take your power back and not be giving it to others so freely. Most of the signs have almost won this battle with self-love and establishing boundaries to love ourselves. We are now gathering our resources to finish this battle and the Moon in Pisces is here to help. Pisces is the sign that is naturally drawn to unstable people and we all have Pisces in our charts. This can apply to both your sun and moon sign.

Aries- You seek out challenges through other people you are connected to. You seem to think you can fix them. Focusing more on goals and less on people will get you far. Karma will then take care of the rest.

Taurus- You are always searching for stability it is, instinctual to you. There is some unexpected news or information coming to you that will help you leave these past habits behind. Start listening to your inner voice when it comes to your connections and weed out the unworthy people. 

Gemini- You draw unstable people to you because you can be superficial which leads to imbalances in your relationships. If you start to respect yourself you will draw the right kind of connections to you. Listening to the guidance given to you and not just doing your own thing, will help a lot in your connections. 

Cancer-  The very deepest part of you needs to be needed in your connections. You have an imbalance in your relationships because your relationship with yourself is broken which draws people that aren’t a vibrational match to you. Respecting yourself will bring more balance to your connections with others and raise your vibe, so you can not draw such needy people to you. 

Leo- You have an imbalance in your connections because you love to be adored, appreciated, and be the center of attention. You are not too picky when it comes to getting that from other people. If you start adoring and appreciating yourself. Karma is going to take care of all that  inner conflict for you. 

Virgo- You can be obsessive in your connections about getting a return on your investment in your connections. The people you draw to you make this impossible because they can’t give you back what you want. You are subconsciously only focusing on what you lack. Once you change that to an abundance mindset. You will achieve victory.

Libra- You are trying too hard to please others and that can cause you to be passive aggressive in your connections. Once you see through the illusion that you need to please others. You will become a vibrational match to better people that you don’t have to please. 

Scorpio- You can be clingy and use your power inappropriately in your connections. Once you decide to take that challenge to change this about yourself. You will move from low vibe people to higher vibe people that are drawn to you. 

Sagittarius- Once you stop being so blindly optimistic in your connections, everything will get easier for you. Your guidance that you are ignoring is to love and nurture yourself with lots of self-care. This will raise your vibe and bring more balanced connections because you will see more of the truth about the people that you draw to you. 

Capricorn- You were taking responsibility for others too far. You have learned that lesson though and starting only taking responsibility for yourself. This was a lot of inner work for you but you did it, because of this you have an opportunity coming. The result of your achievement is on the way. 

Aquarius- You are naturally very altruistic and accepting of everyone. This can overwhelm you and cause you to be too impersonal in your connections. Instead of letting things naturally unfold, you are putting your energy into your connections instead of yourself. Focus your energy on you and everything and everyone will fall into place.

Pisces- You have a hard time with boundaries and that makes it really hard for you to know if feelings are yours or others. You assume if you feel that way then everyone else feels the same way and that is not true. If you start listening to your inner voice, you will be guided to a divine gift that has been waiting for you.