May 11th&12th Moon in Aquarius Moonscope

The Moon in Aquarius May 11th and 12th will have us releasing emotions, so we can uncover some of our ancestral secrets that are in our DNA. 98.5% of our DNA sequences are called “Junk DNA” that we don’t use and that 98.5% contains instructions, secrets, and gifts, from our ancestors. As we go through this journey and ascend to higher and higher levels of consciousness. The more of our junk DNA is uncovered for us to use, this DNA is a gift from our ancestors.The Aquarius Moon is also wanting for you to try something different and start expressing your thoughts, feelings, and ideas through creative means. Everybody has a gift and the Aquarius Moon wants to help you discover yours. This Aquarius energy is also urging you to turn some of the negative traits of your zodiac sign into more positive traits.

Aries- You are going through a process that will bring an end to some difficult times. You recently passed a test and now is time to use that stubbornness you have in a positive way. Use it to get through this process, that will bring a satisfying ending to your recent troubles. You can always ask your ancestors for higher guidance; they are always there to help you.

Taurus- Some conflict that caused you to detour off your divine path is over. Once you get back on your divine path, you will be released from a situation that has been against your best interest. Try using that control you always crave in a positive way.

Gemini- The battle is over and you learned a valuable lesson in love.You are in the process of transitioning and it is important for you to use your magnetic charisma, to complete this transition and level up. You are about to end a karmic cycle that has kept you in unhealthy relationships for a long long time.

Cancer- You were not moving forward and felt quite stuck. That is changing. You are getting what you want and need a brand new beginning. You were never stuck just waiting on divine timing and not your timing. So just kick back and relax. For once if your life you don’t have to try it is on its way.

Leo- You have become a vibrational match to get rid of the something you have been putting energy into instead of yourself. I know the tension has caused quite a lot of drama for you. As soon as you take hold of your own power and use it. The battle is over.

Virgo- The obstacle that was blocking your abundance is gone and it is time for you to get out of survival mode. You still have the illusion that you have no control over your life left for you to work through. Now is the time to use your ability to focus an excessive amount of attention to insignificant details, you will see through the illusion. Some of those details are really not that insignificant.

Libra- You aren’t seeing the truth, that you are in the process of a major ending and just feel that you are unbalanced. You may feel confused about what direction to go after this ending occurs. Your sense of balance will help you navigate through this ending so your new beginning will come.

Scorpio- You are intolerant of emotions which makes it seem you have great self-control. Now is time to accept the help the divine is sending you. A divine gift is headed your way and this gift will help release you, to gather your resources for the next leg of your journey. Use your gift of being fearless when trying new things and you will thrive and not just survive. 

Sagittarius- The need to keep changing your mind is coming from your ego and this just drags out your suffering longer than it needs to be. You need to make a decision that you want to end your suffering and accept the healing that is being offered to you. Self-love is definitely called for. 

Capricorn- You have incoming instructions on how to remove an obstacle to your happiness and finally be released from pain. If you do some soul searching to find an answer. You will find that using emotional control will be the answer to rid yourself of this pain forever.

Aquarius- You like to try new things and you always like to do the best you can do. You are bringing the unconscious to consciousness and that makes you feel like your emotions are out of control at times. Just know that you are in the process of taking your power back and this will all be over soon.

Pisces- You recently purged some emotions that were standing in your way of focusing more on your goals. You at times can have a hard time separating reality from fantasy. The divine is going to intervene and show you what is real and what isn’t. Sometimes it is good to follow your fantasy. It can turn it into reality. This will get you moving forward again.