Moon Sign Guide for the Moon in Capricorn May 9th &10th

You can read both your sun and moon sign as both may resonate but this is focused on your moon sign. To find your moon sign go to  and create a birth chart. 

Aries Moon it is your inner emotional nature to be bossy towards others, which really annoys them. This inner nature was passed onto you from your ancestors. To get what you want,  instead of being bossy you need to slow down and do some soul searching for answers. All the answers you need are inside to release you from this mindset that makes you this way. There is a much better way to communicate your wants and needs to others.

Taurus Moon I know you crave control over your finances it makes you feel safe and secure to have that control. Your ancestors have passed down the secret to you on how to protect your money. The secret is to respect money and the solution is to have increased focus on your goals. Once you do this it will be a major turning point. It is your season after all. 

Gemini Moon you are building something for the greater good of all. Right now you are gathering the energy to use your resources. Your ancestors have passed down to you the secret of having good business partnerships. This secret is in your subconscious and the energy is here for you to bring it to consciousness. Don’t sleep on this Gemini, it is the key to your future being successful. I will give you a hint: the secret is knowing your worth.

Cancer Moon you know what you need is stability and your ancestors gave you a blessing that will guide you on to how to get this stability. First focus on your goals and nothing else. Once you do this energy will come fast and destroy everything in your way, to release you. Also, pushing you to be your best self and reach your highest potential.  

Leo Moon you are off your divine path. What is keeping you unbalanced is all those dramatic feelings, emotions, and moods you are having. Intense emotions are part of your ancestral karma. This is throwing you off your path but no worries you are about to have a new idea on how to control those emotions so you can forward and get back on your divine path. 

Virgo Moon I know you are anxious about not having control over your life but your ancestors have passed you the blessing on how to fix this. You need to relax more and let go of control. This anxiety is keeping you from using this guidance to remove the illusion of not having control over your life because you do have control. 

Libra Moon having unbalanced emotions and feelings is part of your inner nature passed down from your ancestors. You can project your energy and remove this block to your abundance, with a little solitude. I know everything is crumbling around and in you but this has to happen for the new to come in. Just follow the energy and guidance while your creation is manifesting.  

Scorpio moon yes, those intense emotions come from generational karma and are part of your inner emotional nature. You are on your way to emotional control but you need to take a new path to release this heartbreak because doing it in your intimate relationships is hurting them and you. You are fearless when trying new things so you won’t hesitate to take this new path and give your partner, friends, and family a break.

Sagittarius Moon you keep changing your mind about how to move forward and changing your mind is some generational karma that was passed to you. . Your ancestors passed down the secret to you on how to get what you want, but you need to slow down and do some soul searching to find out the secret. The answer is always always inside. 

Capricorn Moon emotional control is is your inner emotional nature but you weren’t achieving it until recently. Now, you have received the blessing your ancestors had waiting for you. The blessing of having complete control over your emotions. Just slow down to reclaim this superpower. You found what was always within you.

Aquarius Moon it is your inner emotional nature to be different. You have viewed this as a curse but it actually is a blessing from your ancestors. We need you to be different Aquarius, it inspires us. I know you have been in the process of starting over for a long time because you lack the stability and resources to do so. Right now you are being prepared for success while your creation is manifesting.  Those resources are coming and you will be stable. 
Pisces Moon you are very indecisive in taking the next step because it is your inner nature to be indecisive. It is from your ancestral karma. Just surrender to the process and quit thinking about it. You are preparing for success and are in the process of balancing. The ascension you have been waiting for is here if you do this.