Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Letting Go of Intolerance

May 4th, 2023 we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. Full Moons always help us purge emotions to what karmic cycle we are working on. The Scorpio Moon and eclipse is having us purge intolerance as Scorpios can be very intolerant. We inherited a karmic cycle from our ancestors and that cycle is being intolerant to people that are different from us. We can see this happening in the world with the boycotts on transgenders in sports and companies that are sponsoring them. People are coming together boycotting and protesting. This also has to do with Pluto being in Aquarius and the power going back to the people. 

Being intolerant to people different to us and shunning them is a habitual and instinctual reaction we inherited from our ancestors. Why did our ancestors react like this to people that were different is because it is human nature to want to be better than others and people who are different than us are usually the target. People put them down to pull themselves up.

We as spiritual people are supposed to adopt better values than our ancestors. We as spiritual people are supposed to grow past our inherited limitations and work towards a humanitarian and global mindset of accepting everyone and their differences. We are supposed to help others and that is all others not just people that are like us. 

It is our social responsibility and our contribution to society, To be totally accepting of everyone and not passing judgment. We aren’t better than ours just farther along in our evolution. This is already inside us but we are now bringing it to consciousness. It is important and I know it is hard to detach from what is going on in the world around us and solely focus on ourselves. Don’t get sucked into the narrative that the media is telling us and just focus on us.

You can expect with this Full Moon to be triggered by what you feel is intolerant in society and other people. This is to bring up those emotions that contribute to our ancestry karmic cycle we are about to end. This is so we can become better people and raise our and societies vibration and intolerance lowers our vibration.  This has to leave our consciousness to raise it higher. When we are called to help people we must be able to help everyone. That is why so many of us suffered through very hard and difficult circumstances thrown in our paths. That is so we can relate to all different types of people that will need our help. We are here to help the downtrodden, hopeless and heartbroken people and to do that we had to go through very difficult times in our lives, just like they did, everything you went through for was for a very good reason.

If you experience intense emotions and some negative thoughts over the next few days. Don’t worry that is just you purging this past karmic cycle from your ancestors. Just let it out and remind yourself this is not you and that is not really how you are.