May 2nd Jupiter Semisextile Neptune: Download for Success!

May 2nd Jupiter Semisextile Neptune

Today we have Jupiter semisextile Neptune. Jupiter is coming to banish the Neptune energy we have been in for quite awhile. If you have been feeling confused and feeling a little bit sorry for yourself because you have not reached the standards set by society, of where you should be in your life by now. You don’t have all the material things society thinks you should have. While you have been holding onto this mindset. What has really been going on is you were gathering your resources so you can begin a new journey. This new journey is going to lead you to an empire of abundance you have manifested by loving and nurturing yourself. 

Jupiter brings you a challenge and the challenge is KNOWING SUCCESS is coming and your wishes are coming true. This is harder than it sounds because I know I have been feeling stuck and depressed, That my life is still the same and nothing has changed after all the hard work I have done. 

You will be receiving a download today of guidance and you need to use this guidance to move forward towards your awaiting abundant empire. This guidance may come while you are asleep and dreaming, it could could by daydreaming, or from ideas that just pop into your head suddenly. This guidance may take a couple days to surface into your consciousness but will lead you to the success you deserve. May energy is going to be ramped up and intense as we are in the middle of Spring and our seeds we planted are starting to sprout from our soul growth.