Pluto in Aquarius Retrograde: Emotional Detachment From Repressed Fears

Happy first day of May! Today is the beginning of Pluto retrograde in Aquarius. Pluto will stay in Aquarius until June 11th and then retrograde back into Capricorn until October 10th. It will then go direct in Capricorn and enter back into Aquarius January 21st, 2024. Aquarius is my favorite energy to work with, I get lots of solutions come to me, inventive ideas, and my creativity is ramped up. 

Pluto being retrograde for 5 months is a good amount of focus on our inner work. Now is the time to ask yourself questions about you. Why are you the way you are? What in the past has happened to make me this way? When did this happen in my past? Who was around me and how I was treated? This is how you do inner work by connecting your present to the past.

We have been out of Retrograde season since the end of January when Uranus went direct, during this time we were becoming a vibrational match for the inner healing that retrogrades bring us.  We began the retrograde season with Mercury going retrograde on April 21st. Mercury clears up and heals our mind to prepare us for the retrogrades that is why we have 3 to 4 a year. 

Pluto from now until June 11th is going to help us become emotionally detached from any neglect we suffered that can cause us to have dramatic emotions towards triggers. Cancer in Mars until May 20th is going to help us release this anger from us being neglected in childhood. When we weren’t given what we needed at times or taken care of how we should have been. Childhood trauma isn’t always just from our parents but from how other adults and other children treated us. Maybe you were bullied in school and other adults in charge did not intervene, leaving you feeling alone and neglected.

Pluto will bring any fears or wounds we have suppressed, to the surface so we can address them. Pluto also brings us hidden solutions to heal anything we have repressed. You will work through any deep psychological fears that are a weakness to you so that they will then become harmless and not affect you anymore. The lessons Pluto brings free you from the past and any destructive patterns that you have developed from these repressed fears. These are blocks to abundance and need to be released for you to move forward.

The outcome of Pluto retrograde due to the higher guidance you have received. You will be released from this inner toxic situation and be free from it by October 21st when Pluto goes direct. When Pluto goes retrograde back into Capricorn we will really crack down on the inner work. This 5 weeks in Aquarius is going to prepare for the work Pluto in Capricorn will present to us. During a retrograde you just want the energy to guide you. You do not want to force it or try to make anything happen. You just want to let what comes up be released and slow down just like Pluto is slowing down. Everything that is happening is to help you take your power back from the past and release anything from the past that has been weighing your vibration down.