April 25th 2023: You Achieved A Major Goal Of Healing!

You have achieved a major goal of healing recently. You were overwhelmed but you persevered and saw through the illusion of poverty consciousness. You gave up control and surrender to the Universe and shifted your consciousness. You were indecisive but made the decision to give up control and the Universe came through with some divine energy that helped you to achieve your goals. You achieved self-discipline, passed a test,  and you conquered that generational karma. You can relax now and ascend to the next level and along with that comes rewards for your hard work. Some of these rewards can even be material. An end has come to this difficult period for you. You may feel lighter because you let go of all that heavy dense energy that was lowering your vibration. You now have many options available to you to move onto your new future that has been waiting for you. Celebrate and treat yourself. You did a great job and overcame something that has been testing you since last September. You won the battle!


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