April 23rd Mercury sextile Mars Releasing Past Relationship Trauma

April 23rd, 2023

Today Mercury will sextile Mars. This sextile will help you purge some relationship trauma from a toxic relationship in your present  life. This toxic relationship with this person is meant to help you release trauma from a past traumatic relationship. The person that is going to help you release it, is a member of your soul family. Even people we interact with in a negative way can be part of our soul family because they are there to help you heal your past and for your to soul grow. You will release heartbreak from your past relationship by purging thoughts you had that you never expressed. This can feel quite dramatic, but it will bring an end to a difficult time for you and you will achieve a healing goal of releasing your repressed anger. You have been staying in a place in your journey out of habit and security. You have been contemplating releasing this trauma  but have not made the decision to do so. The divine is going to intervene and help you release it so you can get unstuck and move forward. Once you are able to release this trauma from past relationships whatever you have been trying to manifest will come through and it might even include some unexpected money. This trauma has been in the way of your ascension and once it is gone, you will be able to ascend to a higher level and receive the rewards from your hard work.