Mercury Retrograde Is Here To Heal Your Mind. Just Relax And Let It Happen

Mercury Retrograde on April 21st is going to help you let go of something you have been over analyzing and stressing about for a long time, it can go back as far as the past 6 months. You have tried to solve this issue yourself and now the Universe is sending help. Mercury is the planet that rules your mind and your thinking habits. You will be purging a lot of thoughts and emotions for the next 3 weeks. So, your mind can heal any unhealthy thinking patterns and achieve individuation. This individuation is trying to bring something to consciousness so ii can be assimilated into your personality and integrated into your psyche. 

Mercury will also remove blocks to your intuition that is causing you to be resistant to change and release the emotions that cause you to be stubborn about surrendering control to the Universe. The Universe wants to take care of whatever has been challenging you and you just have to step out of the way and let that happen. In some situations it is good to be stubborn and keep trying but this is not one of them. Your stubbornness is from the past before you awakened and no longer needed on your journey.  You no longer have to try so hard, it is time to relax and just let the change happen.

For the next 3 weeks Mercury will be healing your mind. This can cause headaches, back of neck pain, and make it hard to get a good night’s sleep. A lot of this healing of your mind will happen while you are sleeping. A deep sleep may be pretty elusive during this process. It is a good idea to slow down for the next 3 weeks just like Mercury does during its retrograde. 

The New Moon in Aries has happened 2 months in a row and that is very rare. Aries gives you drive and courage to make that new beginning happen for you, but for the next 3 weeks let the Universe have control for once. Let your guard down, just relax and let the healing happen for you.