April 20th: A Big Boost In The Direction Of Our Dream Fulfillment

April 20th is a busy day for energy. First the Solar Eclipse in Aries begins the night of the 19th. The New Moon in Aries occurs at 12:12 am EST. The Solar Eclipse 5 minutes later reaches its maximum phase.The Sun moves into Taurus 13 minutes later. This will create another timeline shift for us.   At 12:26 pm on the 20th the Sun squares Pluto. 

The New Moon in Aries is bringing you a new beginning of recovering from any financial losses you have had. The Solar Eclipse is going to give a much needed boost towards that goal, The New Moon is going to release some inner secrets of our identity and who we really are so we can align more with our life’s purpose. The Sun moving into Taurus is going to help us lay a foundation to this happening. It will also bring us higher guidance about who we are, this guidance can come from someone in your soul family. This guidance will also create the beginning of our abundance and the desires of our heart coming to us. To some of us it may come in as a windfall all at once.

The Sun square Pluto will help you reinvent yourself so you can create your own new beginning of building something you have been wanting to build. The divine is bringing you a gift so you can take action on this dream. 

Don’t worry if you don’t make the timeline shift. It took me 2 more weeks to make the March 21st Pisces/Aries timeline shift. Just go at your own pace. All this energy is also helping us prepare for Mercury Retrograde the next day on April 21st.