Mercury April 3rd to June 11th: Changing Your Mind

April 3rd to April 21st 

Mercury is going to help you release your Lack Mindset also called Poverty Consciousness. This is a mindset that causes you to only focus on what you are lacking and not focusing on the abundance you have. What your mind focuses on is what we grow more of. Mercury will be helping you work through your deepest psychological fears. These fears have to be worked through because they lower your vibration. You will have a lot of mental activity during this time, as Mercury is preparing you for when it goes retrograde. When Mercury goes retrograde we must be a vibrational match to learn the lessons a retrograde brings. We officially entered the mercury retrograde shadow period on April 1st.

April 21st to May 14th 

Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Taurus. Mercury is here to help you work through any resistance you may have to change. You will work through lessons that will free you from past destructive thinking patterns. Higher education will be strong during this time. So pay attention to any thoughts and ideas that pop in your head. The guidance you need is there for you. You will be releasing a lot of emotions during this time. This Lack Mindset is an illusion over our Third Eye Chakra so we only see what we lack in our lives. Our Third Eye Chakra is how we perceive things and illusions skew your perception. During this time you will be becoming a vibrational match for when Mercury goes direct on May 14th. The gifts we receive from going through a retrograde, depending on how much inner work we have done during the retrograde, happens after the planet has gone direct again.

May 14th until June 11th 

Mercury will again be direct in Taurus. You are going to crave control during this time because having control is how you organize, analyze, and make sense of the world. To experience self-transcendence, overcoming your limits by spiritual contemplation and achieve self-realization. You have to surrender you having control and let the energy guide you through this process. You do not want to take action during this time. You will take action once this block to your abundance is gone. We have three or four Mercury retrogrades a year because Mercury comes in and clears your mind of negative mindsets you may have. Mercury will teach you how to think in healthier ways.