How Do You Deal With Anger? Mars In Cancer March 25th, 2023

Mars enters Cancer March 25th

Cancer Enters Mars on March 25th. Mars is going to show us how we deal with anger and how we release it, and Cancer is going to show us how we do this. Cancers can be very passive aggressive with their anger. They also can have a hard time letting go of their anger and feel uncomfortable with the emotion of anger. Cancers can have a need to be needed, a fear of abandonment, and deep feeling of neglect, because of this they can hold their anger in until they explode. This is not a healthy way to deal with anger. 

Mars will be in Cancer until July 1st, during this time our anger and how we emotionally express it will be brought to our attention. This anger we carry is blocking our willpower and you got that willpower block a long time ago. Most likely in childhood when many of us had to repress our anger about how we were treated. The next 4 months we will be working on releasing this block to our willpower. You can expect feelings of resentment, being unsupported, insecurity, and hopelessness. During this time you can feel stressed, drained, and have a lack of control over your emotions. In this situation we have to lose control to gain control. This energy will be focusing on our Root Chakra and Heart Chakra, and releasing the anger we have held in those areas. 

This will also be occurring around us too, not just internally. Pluto moved into Aquarius on March 23rd, transferring the power back to the people until it goes retrograde June 11th until October 10th back into Capricorn. Pluto will then stay in Aquarius the rest of the year. Not only will the power be given back to the people for 4 months but they will be very angry people. You will see a lot of people expressing their anger towards institutions and governments, and how we are treated. Cancers focus on how they are treated a lot and have deep emotions about it. How you handle that is by staying focused on you. The more inner work you do the more you will rise above it. What is happening around you is just a distraction. The more you focus on yourself, the more you will shift your consciousness to a higher level. Mars in Cancer’s goal is to help you make that shift.