Kundalini Vibes March 23rd, 2023

The Moon and Sun are in Aries today. This will make you feel stubborn and strengthen your willpower because you can see the truth now. The truth is that you have almost achieved your goal of wish fulfillment so your stubbornness serves you well. 

An obstacle has been removed for you and you are in the process of getting what you want because you passed a test the Universe sent you. There will be many changes around you in society with Pluto moving into Aquarius. The test you passed was emotional detachment from something that made you highly emotional and unbalanced. It is possible to stay balanced and detached in your connections with others and strengthen the one with the Universe. 

There is still some illusion or confusion around financial situations that has detoured you off your divine path because of some inner conflict that needs to be released. No worries energy is on the way to help you heal that and direct you back on the path you need to be on.


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