March 21st, 2023 New Moon and Timeline Jumps

We have a very important New Moon today that will shift some of us into a new timeline. While others will stay on the same timeline we have all been on. The Moon moved into Aries at around 1:30pm today. When the Moon moves into a new zodiac sign on the day of a Full Moon or New Moon it creates a timeline jump. If you have completed the inner work on the old timeline you will go to the new Aries timeline. If you haven’t completed the inner work you will stay on the Pisces timeline so you can complete it. The inner work was seeing through an illusion that was taking your power away. While the circumstances will be different for everyone about what was taking your power away. We were all in an illusion that we were giving our power away to. Some took their power back and went onto a new beginning in Aries energy. Some haven’t seen through the illusion yet and still have some more work to do in the Pisces energy. The Aries path will be working on obstacles to your willpower so you can follow the wisdom of your heart and reclaim your power. The Pisces path is that you missed an opportunity so you will take another path to seeing through this illusion that is taking your power away. You were a little stubborn about letting go of something that is no longer serving you, so energy is coming to help you get on your divine path and turning your pain into spiritual growth and power. There will be another chance for timeline jumps on April 20th when the new Moon moves from Aries into Taurus.