Kundalini Vibes March 16th, 2023

We are in a week-long cycle that started yesterday. Pisces and Neptune are giving us a hard time. Neptune is giving us confusion and Pisces is making it hard to separate fantasy from reality over a 6 month long situation. What over the last 6 months have you gone back and forth over, not able to make a decision or pick a side, and has made your emotions unstable? What has triggered you emotionally the last 6 months consistently? Have you identified a habitual or instinctual way you are reacting to the situation? The only way to break the cycle is to react differently to it than you have in the past? It is a block to your abundance that must go for you to move forward. This is also a karmic lesson and a test. The test is to separate from the fantasy and see the true reality of the situation. Today the Universe is stepping in and sending some help from Capricorn and Mercury, energy to your Third Eye chakra to aid you in seeing through this illusion that causes you to perceive things differently than the true reality. This energy could cause headaches, forehead pain, sinus issues, and eye issues. This will continue until you see the truth or until the New Moon on the 21st. As soon as you can see the truth and the veil is gone, the energy will stop and what is blocking your abundance will be gone for good. You will also be able to get a good night’s sleep.


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