Navigating Pisces Season Now that The Veil/Illusion Has Been Lifted 2023

The Sun entered the part of the sky known as Pisces on February 18th and will stay in Pisces until March 20th. This season will affect you, even if you aren’t a Pisces, and is bringing you a lesson to learn about the people around you.

One trait of Pisces is their ability to draw unstable people to them or be drawn to unstable people. This is because they have poor boundaries and take on other people’s emotions as their own. I know being an empath is the latest craze but this is not a beneficial trait to have. You are only responsible for your feelings and not someone else’s feelings. There is a problem with caring too much and this is a factor in Pisces energy. Taking on other people’s emotions will drain you, distract you from your own journey, and keep you stuck. Taking on other people’s problems will do the same thing. You only want to be in your energy during Pisces season.

Since Uranus went direct in January, you may see a lot of people struggling. Huge shifts in people’s lives happen after retrograde season ends and Uranus goes direct. You can not interfere with someone else’s journey or lessons they have to learn. You can only give advice and hope they follow it. If they don’t, that is part of their learning process, not yours. Rescuing people is not the answer. Stepping back and being supportive is a wise choice to make because interfering in someone else’s karma will bring karma to you.

You can only make your life better, not someone else’s life, no matter how hard it is to watch someone make bad decisions. They are that person’s decisions to make. They can only choose a better life because they want one. Not because you want that for them. Step back and stay in your own energy. Pisces can be very codependent. Focusing on someone else is not healthy, focusing on you is. 

Many of us have been on our own journey’s for quite some time and to watch others begin theirs, as many will do in the month before spring, can be hard to do. Especially, if it is someone close to you, such as a child. You want to rescue them because you don’t want them to go through what you did but they have to. It is part of their learning process and you have to just let it happen. You can only give advice and guidance and let them go. You are planting the seeds with your words but it is up to them to water them. You can not do that for them. 

You also may have noticed that you are seeing the people around you for what they really are and may have to leave them behind. These people have been feeding off your energy and can’t go with you to the next stage. The veil has been lifted and you are seeing the truth. Clarity has arrived and the illusion is gone. The illusion that people around you had your best interests at heart is gone and jealousy and agendas are probably being revealed to you. They have always had these agendas but you couldn’t see it. You could not perceive that the people closest to you are this way because you aren’t that way. Trust all that is revealed to you and protect your energy. 

You are being prepared for a huge upgrade in March and all of spring. Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th, Mars enters Gemini March 13th, and Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23rd, all this movement will cause huge shifts for everyone on their journey and those just beginning. 

Stay in your own energy until March 20th. Don’t let what is happening around you distract you from focusing on you. A big lesson on our paths is to protect our energy and not to let people and situations feed off it. Your energy is yours and learning this lesson will result in you taking your power back. Giving away your energy is giving away your power. Keep it to yourself. 

Happy Pisces Season,