First Quarter Moon Weekly Kundalini Horoscope for Cancer Jan 29th-Feb 5th

Jan 28th&29th

As a Cancer you are very protective of your relationships and take them very seriously. Some family secrets could surface this week that would have been a recurring cycle with a family member. Since you are full of integrity this could trigger your high relationship standards. Sacral and Heart chakra very active.  

Jan 30th, 31st & Feb 1st

Your love of socializing and happiness around when around others. You are just a polite and friendly person. A sibling or someone you grew up with may be testing your politeness. They don’t take relationships as seriously and don’t have the high standards you do have. How they treat you has been a generational cycle that would have been from early childhood. This person loves to seem important. Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra very active.

Feb 2nd&3rd

You are a deep and mysterious person and don’t reveal much about yourself. Nevertheless, your deepest feelings about this cycle will surface but you are naturally gifted by your ancestry to process and release them. You are innately capable of this deep spiritual work. Heart Chakra very active.

Feb 4th&5th

You are always very dependable to always do what is right at all times. Especially when it comes to relationships. To wrap up this generational karmic cyle you need to express yourself and will find it very fulfilling to do so. You believe this will be the right thing to do in this situation, trust yourself. There is a full Moon in Leo to help you with this self- expression. Heart and Throat Chakra very active.