New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Oct 25th, 2022: Let Go Of Control To Gain Self-Control

We start out Scorpio Season with a New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse both in Scorpio on October 25th. It will be an energy charged day as the Luminaries are going to work together to help you release what no longer serves you. The Luminaries are the Sun and the Moon, they are the only two planets that send energy to us on Earth. They are called the Luminaries because they are natural light giving bodies. Their light helps us release the darkness inside us.  This darkness brings our vibration down and must be released for us to raise it. 

The Solar Eclipse will help us see through the illusion we have been working on during Libra Season, help us close out that cycle, and give us a release of heartbreaking  emotions. The New Moon will put an end to that cycle and then start a new one. Libra Season was about looking at our uniqueness of give and take in relationships. You should have been using Libras scales to weigh out those relationships and come to a decision. This could have played out in personal partnerships and if you are single it could have played out in your work relationship. No matter which one there was a lot of chaos to work through during Libra Season. 

The beginning of Scorpio Season and the New Moon in Scorpio will begin a new karmic cycle. Karmic cycles are lesson learning journeys. We have gone through this cycle many times but were not aware enough to see the cycle. The last cycle would have been about relationships and you have had this relationship many times with many different people. This cycle would have been triggering a past relationship that is now in the present. Only the people will be different. 

This new cycle will be a lesson in self-control and to gain self-control you have to let go of control. What is the control you need to let go of? Control of anything outside yourself. You can only control you and how you react, you can only control your emotions. Scorpio Season will bring intense emotions. It is the only way you can learn emotion control is by experiencing intense out of control emotions. Scorpios also crave control because inside they feel out of control. It gives them a sense of safety and security to have control. 

The beginning of Scorpio will begin with you having intense emotions and wanting to get control over them. This will be a very individual transformation that will result in a change in society eventually. The next two weeks after the New Moon you will feel a build of pressure. Then on the Full Moon experience a release. Expect your emotions to intensify until the 25th and then be releasing until November 8th when the Full Moon occurs in Taurus.

The lesson is letting go of control of what is outside of you to gain control of what is inside of you. We will experience three monthly cycles that will help us in the Fall Season to develop self-discipline and self-control over our emotions. When you have control over your emotions you gain control of your energy. 

This month when you have an intense extreme emotion. Start trying to find the reason why you are experiencing that emotion. Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio, will bring you the thirst to find out the reason why but it will also bring you the hidden solution. You just have to do soul searching to find the answers. Soul searching is asking yourself why and looking deep inside for the answer. You want to stop focusing on why this person is making me feel this way and ask yourself why I feel this way. The person is just there to bring you the lesson and trigger you into learning it, They are actually trying to help you heal. 

Scorpio New Moon & Solar Eclipse:

  • Take your focus off others and put in on yourself
  • Stop focusing on the person making you feel this way
  • Focus on why you feel that way
  • Let go of control outside and gain control inside
  • Self-control is controlling your emotions and energy

Happy Solar Eclipse & New Moon,