Scorpio Season Oct 23 – Nov 21st: Intense Emotions and Extreme Situations

We are leaving Libra Season where the energy was primarily focused on our connections with others and how to bring fairness, harmony and balance to our personal or business relationships. Libra Season would have helped you release a lot of emotions about relationships in your past that were not fair, harmonious, and balanced, going all the way back to childhood. 

We are now entering Scorpio Season and we are going to continue the Fall Season theme of developing self-discipline over our emotions, thoughts, and energy, resulting in better self-control. This is going to be a very energy intense and emotionally extreme season due to Scorpio being a water sign.

The zodiac sign Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto. Pluto helps us transform and evolve in a way that brings us empowerment. It also brings transformation and change to our societal and cultural conditioning that resulted from how we were raised. You were conditioned to believe and behave in certain ways to be accepted both socially and culturally. You must go to college to be successful. You must dress a certain way to be accepted. Boys shouldn’t show emotions. Girls must be submissive. Although none of this is true. Our parents and adults around us socially and culturally conditioned us to be accepted in society and by our families. If you did not live by this conditioning you weren’t accepted. Pluto can help you release this conditioning in an intense fashion that will cause extreme change. This change can cause you to start seeking reasons why these changes are so extreme. Pluto can also help you find hidden solutions to your problems and these solutions will empower you. Scorpio Season will bring you the courage to find solutions and become empowered by these solutions. 

This will all occur in your 8th house, a mystical house. Mystical houses are ruled by water signs, with Scorpio ruling the 8th House. We will be focusing on what in our lives that we must release, and what is bringing us suffering that we need to release. What is keeping us in the ego driven emotional mindset of craving control?

The zodiac sign of Scorpio craves control because it gives them a sense of safety and security to have this control. They also experience intense emotions but these emotions can result in greater self-control. This feeds into the Fall Season theme of developing self-disciple over our emotions, thoughts, and energy, resulting in better self-control. This is what extreme Scorpio energy can help you achieve. 

This season will be about personal karmic cycles. Karmic cycles are lessons we must learn to evolve. If you have been feeling stuck, that is about to change with the extremes of Scorpio Season. Why must Scorpio Season be so extreme? To make you let go of control. You wanting and trying to have control is keeping you stuck and the energy of Scorpio Season is coming to help you let go of control, wanting to have control is an ego driven emotional mindset.  The goal is to surrender that control to the Universe and respect that karma will take care of something and you don’t have to. You need to hand over that control to the Universe, to follow your divine path. This is easier said than done so we have some intense energy coming that is going to help us do that. Expect during Scorpio Season for extreme and uncontrollable situations to happen around you so that you learn to let go of control. 

Scorpio Season: Lessons In Letting Go Of Control. 

  • Focus on controlling yourself and not controlling what’s around you
  • Surrendering control to the Universe and Karma
  • Feeling safe and secure even without having control
  • Realizing you having to have control is making you suffer
  • You wanting to have control is an ego driven action
  • Letting go of control is a lesson on your divine path to your Higher Self.

When you have self-control you will react appropriately to the out of control situations in your life. When you don’t see your emotions as facts you will develop more self-control. As a Cancer, this was a hard lesson to learn for me, this is a hard lesson for all water signs. I know I lived by my emotions most of my life, since my emotions were a mess. My life was a mess, emotions are good to have until they control you. You having self-discipline and self-control over your emotions, thoughts and energy is an invaluable skill to have. 

This lesson will be focused on your Earthstar Chakra, the chakra behind your Sacral Chakra on your lower back. Your Earthstar Chakra is your first chakra of the  five Higher Chakras. In the next 4 weeks you may experience lower back pain from the energy helping you release the emotions you need to release to gain self-control. The Sacral Chakra is your self-love chakra and the Earthstar Chakra is your self-control chakra.

Happy Scorpio Season,