Full Moon in Aries October 9th, 2022: Releasing Fear

On Sunday October 9th, 2022 there is a Full Moon in the zodiac sign of Aries. People born under the sign of Aries are brave, fearless, direct, driven, independent, confident, and love to win. The Full Moon is going to help you release any energy blocks from your energy, that is keeping you from being independent, fearless, and confident.

This will be a very mental Full Moon while the Full Moon in September in Pisces was very emotional. This Full Moon will be more of purging and realizing thoughts more than emotions. Thoughts that cover up this core feeling of not being good enough and this is a mindset. Purging is the release of feelings or thoughts we cannot control. We can’t control them because it is divine energy from the Moon causing this release and we can’t control divine energy. It will usually be an outside trigger that causes this internal process of purging to happen and every time you go through this process you raise your vibration. Don’t try to control the thoughts that surface, just let them go. You will not manifest the negative thoughts is the purging process.There is nothing wrong with you by thinking these thoughts. Just surrender and trust the process. 

This Full Moon will be in our 1st House of Self, relating to our public persona and how we appear to others in public. Do we appear fearless, brave and confident to others? Or do we appear introverted, shy, and self-conscious? 

The natural ruling planet of Aries and the 1st house is Mars. Mars will be bringing you the lesson. Mars is our willpower, competition, courage, passion, drive, and determination. In your outside life something will occur that will trigger you into feeling that you are competing with a situation or a person. This event will bring up fear you need to release and will challenge the persona you present to the world. Your public persona and appearance is the area in your life that the lesson will appear. 

This will be very Root Chakra related, so it will occur in your everyday life of home, fiances, career, or a relationship. The energy you use to learn the lesson will be Aries energy, by being brave, fearless, confident, competitive, and independent. Since this will be a very mental Full Moon you want to think this about yourself. You are releasing a mindset and has been with you a very long time. Be patient with yourself. This mindset is going to be generational and was passed down through the generations in your family. 

Aries are natural leaders being a cardinal, fire sign. They are the first sign of the zodiac year and the first of the season of Spring signs. Aries leads the rest of the zodiac into a new beginning every year. The Aries Full Moon is preparing you to be the fearless, brave, and confident leader that you are meant to become.  

It does not feel good to release fear. Your mind can come up with a lot of scenarios, most that won’t be true, but you will think they are true. You will convince yourself that they are true but once the purging process is over, you will realize that they weren’t true. The thoughts will stop when the energy stops. You will also feel much better when it is over because you have raised your vibe and gotten rid of the old dead energy that was lowering it. You also may experience a low back ache, have sciatica, or have discomfort in your Root Chakra area.

Happy Full Moon,