New Moon in Libra 2022: Connections With Others & Spiritual Gifts Revealed

New Moons begin a cycle of healing, that is why they are in the beginning of a season. In this case Libra Season and the New Moon will happen on September 25th . We set the intention to heal and that intention is set on the New Moon. The energy builds up until the Full Moon this is called a waxing moon phase. Then on the Full Moon we release all that built up energy along with emotions that need to be let go of, every time we release these repressed emotions our vibration rises. We purge out repressed emotions every New Moon and Full Moon. 

The New Moon in Libra will be focusing on the 7th House connections with others and healing them. This New Moon will also begin to reveal our spiritual gifts which are located in our 4th house. Our gifts have been dimmed by the dead emotional energy we have been carrying around. The New Moon will help us release those emotions, raising our vibration high enough that our latent spiritual gifts will begin to reveal themselves over time. We all have these gifts. It was just our vibe wasn’t high enough to use them, with the big push from the New Moon, you are going to start to notice them. You might have already been seeing something out of the corner of your eye but when you look nothing is there. Maybe you heard your name whispered but no one is around or something fall off a table for no explainable reason. These are all signs you are experiencing the beginning of a spiritual awakening. Everyone on Earth has to experience this awakening, it is how we as a species evolve. 

This is a big big New Moon for our journey to evolve. It will be focusing on our fourth chakra and our seventh chakra. Our fourth chakra is our Heart Chakra, it is not just our love chakra but where our spiritual skills that are granted to us as latent talents that can be manifested and used, are located. The Heart Chakra also holds our generational karma, blessings or curses from your ancestry, and spiritual gifts that you earn. You earn it by taking this journey to evolve and dedicating yourself to a healing journey. Once you stop blaming others, take responsibility for your own actions, and commit to changing, you will begin this journey. Our 7th chakra, the Crown chakra is our connection chakra, our connection to others and to the divine. The divine is whatever you want it to be. I call mine God. 

You may experience heart flutters or palpitations, headaches, and sleepiness, with this energy. As they relate to the Heart and Crown Chakras being upgraded. The Libra New Moon energy will help you release repressed emotions that are keeping you from balanced, harmonious, and fair connections in our life. You will be easily triggered by anything that is unfair, unbalanced, and inharmonious occurring to you or around you. This is so you can release these emotions that have been lowering your vibration. You can experience this 3 days before the new moon until 3 days after the new moon. You are ending a cycle and beginning a new cycle of healing. This new cycle of healing is about analyzing the relationships in your life and deciding what ones to work on and what ones to let go of. Libra’s symbol is the scales you will be using these scales, when looking at the connections and relationships in your life. Libra is a cardinal sign and cardinal signs begin a season, in this case Fall Season. Cardinal signs indicate new beginnings. You may begin new connections this month, reconcile with old connections, or choose to let a connection go. The New Moon in Libra will set the intention and prepare you to do the work for the rest of the month and begin the revelation of some latent gifts and talents that are a gift from your ancestors. They have always been in your Heart Chakra waiting for you to discover them.

Happy New Moon.