Mercury Retrograde Sept 24th to Oct 2nd in Virgo: Clearing Up Confusion

Mercury began it’s retrograde on September 24th in Libra and is now moving into the sign of Virgo. You should have begun to realize what relationships and partnerships in your life that need to be let go or be worked on. You should have noticed where these relationships are are unbalanced. Inharmonious, and unfair. You should have used the scales of Libra to weigh out what is fair and just in your relationships and what isn’t. If you did this inner work. You are ready to move into the Virgo energy of the last half of Mercury Retrograde. 

Now it will move into Virgo where you will logically analyze and make sense of the information you have gathered. This will occur in your 3rd house of processing information and your 6th house of personal responsibilities, daily responsibilities, work, coworkers, discipline and duty. 

Soul Searching Questions:

  • Are you are taking on all the responsibilities in a relationship or at work? 
  • Are you doing your duties but others aren’t?
  • Do you have too much work to do and others are slacking off?
  • Is the work you do overwhelming you? 
  • Do you feel underappreciated? 
  • Are you disciplined but others around you undisciplined and it is driving you crazy? 

It is not about the other people it is about you. You can’t control other people. You can only control you and how you react. Maybe you are too disciplined and duty bound and need to relax, have more fun. When you catch yourself over analyzing and your mind going in circles. You need to step back and focus on you and why you feel this way. Once you realize that even the villains on your journey are there to help you heal and grow. It becomes easier to deal with the hard situations and difficult people in your life. They are there to help you and it might not be gentle but it will help you grow. If someone triggers you don’t focus on the person that made you feel that way, focus on why you felt that way. What happened in the past that made you feel that way. 

I know we are told that Mercury Retrograde is when ex’s come back and technology goes crazy but it is really about clearing up confusion and changing your perceptions. Sure ex’s can come back but sometimes it is just you processing past relationships and bringing up the memories to heal. Mercury is also about making sense of the world. That is why when it is retrograde you can feel very confused and nothing makes sense. logic and reason have gone out the door and you feel kind of crazy. Mercury Retrograde is in Virgo for one week. That week confusion will start to clear, logic and reason will come back, you will start to feel better and more clear headed. Then you will gain a better handle on Libra Season energy and begin to figure out what relationships stay and what relationships need to go. What can be fixed and what can’t be fixed? Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo and this Virgo energy is going to help you do the analyzation that needs to be done for things to make sense again. 

Mercury will be retrograding again December 29th 2022 to January 23rd 2023 in Capricorn. Mercury retrogrades 3 to 4 times a year to help us organize information, process information, and clear our mind of confusion, after the retrogrades we have been through in retrograde season. Mercury is like the vacuum of the mind and it’s retrograde is very important in our journey to mastery. 

Happy Mercury Retrograde,