Libra Season 2022: What Relationships To Keep, What Relationships To Let Go

We begin Libra Season on September 23rd with it ending October 22nd. In Virgo Season we learned where we do not have equal give and take in relationships. We should have begun to notice in what relationships we are overburden, unappreciated, and overwhelmed, you probably have been analyzing your relationships and partnerships that made you feel this way. Virgo energy urges you to analyze and sometimes overanalyze areas of your life. Mercury Retrograde in Libra also helped you identify these relationships that need some work or need to be let go.

You will now take all that you analyzed about what made you feel burdened in relationships during Virgo Season and use Libra Season to bring fairness, harmony, and balance to these relationships. These relationships can be personal relationships or business partnerships and primarily focus on our connections with others. 

Libra is represented by the scales and those scales have a strong sense of justice, what is right and wrong. Once you identify what is unjust, unbalanced, and unfair in your relationships that you need to focus on. You can use Libra energy bring fairness, justice, balance and harmony to those relationships. Venus is all about love, resources and harmony. Venus in Libra Season will be more about your resources, values, relationships, partnerships, and friendships, than love. You can’t bring love into an unbalanced, unfair, and inharmonious relationships. That will come later, we must first fix those relationships or let them go.  

All this will occur in your 7th house of primary and personal relationships, partnerships, and our connection with others. Our Crown Chakra is our Connection Chakra so you will be focusing this work on the Crown Chakra. Developing deeper, stronger, balanced, and harmonious relationships this month. Some relationships you may have to let go of and some you will keep. This is all for your greater good. You may also begin new relationships and partnerships this season. Libra is a cardinal sign, cardinal signs start a new season with new energy, while you may experience endings you will also experience new beginnings. You will also have a stronger sense in what you want and don’t want in your relationships. 

While all this sounds like it is occurring in your outer life. Most of this will be inner work and soul searching for answers. You may be triggered in your outer life by someone or a situation. This happens to make you focus on what was triggered inside you so you can work on it. The trigger will contain your past experience of when you felt that way and almost always it was in your childhood. 

Your triggers in Libra Season will be:

  • What makes you feel you have been treated unfairly?
  • What makes you feel that an injustice against you has occurred?
  • What needs to be released to bring harmony, balance, and fairness?

Soul Searching questions for Libra Season:

  • What relationships need work and what relationships need to end?
  • Where does my trigger of unfairness and injustice come from? 
  • What situation in my childhood made me feel this way? 
  • How can I make my connections more fair, balanced, and harmonious?
  • What injustices do I need heal from my past?

Our Important dates for Libra Season are:

  • September 24th Mercury Retrograde leaving Libra and moving into Virgo
  • New Moon in Libra September 25th
  • October 2nd Mercury Retrograde ends
  • October 2nd First Quarter moon in Capricorn
  • October 8th Pluto Retrograde ends
  • October 9th Full Moon in Aries
  • October 17th Last Quarter Moon in Cancer

Mark these dates on your calendar these will be days we have energy shifts that can affect you.

Happy Libra Season.