Fall Season Sept 22nd to Dec 21st 2022: Developing Self-Discipline

The theme of the Fall Season is developing self-disciple over our emotions, thoughts, and energy, resulting in better self-control. The Fall Season begins on September 22nd and ends on December 21st the Winter Solstice. Fall Equinox is the first day of Fall and the night and day are equal that day. 

Our seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter bring us karmic cycles to heal. We will begin the karmic cycle in Libra Season and end it in Sagittarius Season. 

  • Libra Season will bring more balance, fairness, and harmony in your life. September 23rd -October 22nd
  • Scorpio Season will bring intense emotions, have you analyzing the people in your life, and begin a change in your perspective. October 23rd to November 21st
  • Sagittarius Season will bring you a craving to find purpose and meaning in life, a thirst for knowledge and will leave you feeling more ambitious. November 22rd to December 20th.

What needs to change in your life to bring more balance, harmony, and fairness? How can you become more self-disciplined and have more self-control in your life? How can I find more meaning and purpose in my life?

These are the Questions to ask yourself in the Fall Season karmic cycle. Hint: these answers are inside.

We will be ending four Retrogrades this Fall Season:

  • Mercury Oct 3rd – Clearing up confusion
  • Pluto Oct 8th- Evolving and Transforming
  • Saturn Oct 23rd- Achieving Mastery    
  • Jupiter Nov 23rd- Expansion and Growing
  • Neptune Dec 3rd- Connecting to the Flow of the Universe 

We begin Mars Retrograde begins on Oct 30th- Helping us take action with all we have learned.

In Fall we begin to shed what we no longer need and prepare us for the Winter Season of Death. Not a literal death but a death of what no longer serves us. We then move to a higher vibration to begin Spring and our yearly cycle.

You should feel the intense anxiety from Summer Season beginning to lift soon. 

Happy Fall Season,