Mercury Retrograde & Full Moon Sept 9th-10th: Healing The Life Is A Struggle Mindset

Mercury Retrograde & Full Moon Sept 9th-10th: Healing The Life Is A Struggle Mindset

Mercury Retrograde begins September 9th 2022 in Libra. Then on the 24th moves into the sign of Virgo. We have a Full Moon in Pisces on the 10th. After Mercury enters the sign of Virgo the next day we have a New Moon in Libra on the 25th. There is a reason that we have Full Moons and New Moons so close to retrograde beginnings. The retrograde starts the theme and the moons help you release what you need to release to accomplish the task the retrograde has brought you. 

Mercury Retrograde in Libra is going to focus on your 3rd House of memories and your 6th House of health. It will use the Libra energy to bring harmony and balance to a perception you have that life is a struggle. A lot of people in the world are struggling right now, with everything costing more just to meet your basic needs. We see the struggle but are you really struggling? Not looking at the past or future, are you really struggling today? If you stay in the now you probably aren’t struggling. You may think of future ways you could be struggling or past ways you have struggled but is it true for today? Sometime in the past you got the mindset that life is hard and a struggle. You held onto that mindset and it unconsciously affects you today.

The 3rd House of memories holds that mindset. I was trapped in that mindset until last night. I thought about it and I am not really struggling. I have everything I need. My mindset told me I am struggling but the facts show I am not. In fact life is going pretty easy for me. Maybe everything is not the way I want it to be but it is far from a struggle. 

The 6th House is your house of health. You may have been experiencing aches and pains that have caused you to worry about your health in the last 2 weeks. My knees were hurting, cracking, and popping for the last couple weeks. I had a hard time walking. I of course started to worry there was a problem and that I was unhealthy. After some soul searching last night I came  to the conclusion that my life wasn’t a struggle. I began to think of my knee pain and relate it to my mindset. If you are down on your knees you are struggling. The knee pain was making me struggle to walk which added to my mindset of life is a struggle. Once I became aware of this my knees are much better today. All the pain is gone. The knee pain made me really slow down and really think about what I was experiencing and was it real. I feel much more balanced and aligned today because I faced reality. That what I thought was happening wasn’t really happening, that my mindset made me think something that wasn’t really true.

The Full Moon in Pisces on the 10th will help us release emotions that have to do with this mindset. Once we release, we raise our vibration. Full Moon and New Moons both help us raise our vibration by sending us energy to release what no longer serves us. The Moon is not just about emotions but our memories, habits and instinctual reactions, and the unconscious all that is not seen but drives our actions. Mindsets are habitual thinking patterns that are unconscious and make us act the way we do. What is unconscious would be our memories influencing our actions today. This will all occur in the 4th House of generational karma and the 12th house, the House of Secrets holds your deepest psychological fears. Life is a struggle mindset comes from fear being the root of it. The 12 House lets you work through those fears, so that weakness is made harmless. It is here that you learn lessons to free yourself from past destructive patterns. Your fantasies, fears, and inner secrets also reside in the 12th House. My fear of being unhealthy and struggling comes from my childhood and it was brought to the surface so I could heal it. When you bring the unconscious to consciousness you heal it, forever. It no longer has any control over you. This life is a struggle mindset that was probably passed down through the generations of your family through generational karma. It is now up to you to break the cycle and release the karma. Since, the Full Moon is in Pisces you will want to use the energy of Pisces to go with the flow and use your will to transcend and evolve. Pisces can fall into being unrealistic, have a hard time separating reality from fantasy, and self-pitying. So you may have to work through this until you face reality. I did have a lot of unrealistic thoughts and feelings that made me fall into self-pitying until I really began to think that this is not realistic and became more realistic about what was really happening. It is ok to have these feelings because this is you working through them and releasing them. So you can see reality. Our past affects how we view our present until we release it. It alters our perception.

Mercury retrograde is going to help us release the mindset that life is a struggle with the full moon and new moon coming in to help us release and heal. All the planets, the sun,  and the moon work together to bring us healing opportunities. We just have to do the inner work and use the energy and opportunities for healing that they bring us. This energy will be focusing on the Solar Plexus Chakra, to help us take our power back, the Heart Chakra to release this generational karma, our Third Eye Chakra and Soulstar Chakra to change our perception and see reality. Take some time to rest and do some self-care. Just like Mercury will be slowing down into retrograde, we need to slow down too. 

Happy Healing.


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