Uranus Retrograde in Taurus 2022 : Challenging Authority and the Rules

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus 2022 : Challenging Authority and the Rules

Uranus is in Retrograde August 24th to January 23rd in the sign of Taurus and is going to bring you the courage to stand up and make change. Taurus is all about following the rules, laying foundations and having high standards about how they are treated. Uranus is all about liberation and awakening. Uranus is known to be the Great Awakener and brings rebellion, the unexpected, surprises, breakthrough ideas, radical ideas, and questions and challenges authority. This energy will turn you and others into revolutionaries and reformers by bringing you courage to make change.

This will all occur in the 11th house of community groups, groups you work with to achieve your goals and desires, all the groups that we belong to, and the area in society where you might want to help create change. This can be a friend group, work group, family group, political group, or any group you belong too. You used to like the group but in the last few months you have become dissatisfied with it. 

You have begun to notice something isn’t right and you have begun to question and challenge the rules of the group and who has authority over it. This is because the illusion has been lifted and you are finally seeing the truth. Something isn’t right with your group and it has always been this way but you couldn’t see it. Now you can and you are feeling a little rebellious and no longer feel like this group is going to work for you. It doesn’t make your standards of how you want to be treated anymore. You are dependent on this group for some reason and that no longer sits well with you. You have two choices: either leave the group or make changes in the group. The Uranus and Taurus influence will make you want to make changes and lay a better foundation. You no longer feel like following the rules of the group. You are questioning whoever runs this group and is in authority of it. At first you may have blamed other members of this group but now you see it is the leader of the group that is the problem. This group isn’t being run right and can even be corrupt and unfair. We are about to enter Libra season which is about balance and being fair.

This will not just affect the groups you are in but worldwide and nationwide groups. We are just going to start questioning authority and  our leaders. People are going to start rebelling against the authority that they can now see are leading them the wrong way. They know this isn’t right and they should not be treated this way, They will start challenging authority and no longer follow the rules of being obedient, quiet and just accepting what authority says is the truth. You are going to start seeing the manipulation of our authority figures and rulers. You will see it is not the members of the group but the leaders that are doing it. You are waking up and becoming aware of the manipulation going on. These leaders are pitting the group members against each other when they are really the problem. 

While this will happen worldwide it will also happen with you. Change always starts with you then radiates out. So there will be a situation in your life that mirrors the situation in the world. It could be you thought someone was your friend but not really your friend. It could be your boss making you think it was your coworkers who were the problem when it really is them. It could be a manipulative person in your family. Whatever it is, someone in the group is manipulating you and the rest of the group and getting them to blame each other. You by now have begun to see the truth and where the blame really lies. 

After questioning, working it out in your mind, and accepting what is going on in the group. You will begin to rebel and this is when you can make changes that will work for the greater good of the group. Uranus will send you unexpecting, surprising and even radical, breakthrough ideas that will help you bring change and reformation. This will occur in the God’s Mouth Chakra, our information chakra that rules the 11th house and Uranus. This chakra is on the back of your neck near your skull. The Universe sends you information and ideas through this chakra. That is why you can wake up with a sore neck because most of this occurs when you sleep. These ideas will help you awaken to the truth with Uranus being the Great Awakener, it will be greatly influencing you the next five months. Five months from now there will have been many changes in our world and the rest of the world. 

Now if you do the work and become aware of what needs to be changed, you can avoid the unexpected upheavals that direct you to the change. The whole summer season, which is coming to an end, has been directing you to what needs to change in unequal give and take partnerships and relationships. Now is the time to take action and make the change. Before Uranus Retrograde changes your whole life for you, you can be proactive and make the change yourself. Then Uranus won’t need to put the pressure on you because you made the change willingly.

Happy Uranus Retrograde,