Virgo Season 2022: Coming To Help The Overburdened, Overwhelmed, and Unappreciated You!

The Sun entered Virgo today thus beginning Virgo season. Virgo season will last until September 22nd and wrap up our summer season. The theme for summer season was identifying where in our life there are not equal give and take situations or relationships. Leo season should have removed any illusions about the unequal giving you are doing in your life. You should have started to notice where you are being taken advantage of when it comes to relationships. This can also apply to work situations but most of the focus will be on our relationships. So if you have been seeing more and more how others around you are taking advantage of you and you are doing most of the work. You can thank the Sun and Leo for being able to see more clearly about what is going on and how you are being treated. Virgo season is going to be about removing those mental obstacles that keep you stuck in your unbalanced giving situations and keep you from taking action by creating more balanced situations in your relationships.

The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury, the planet of perception, thinking, rationalizing, the mind and reason. Virgo as a sign is very logical but can lean into obsessiveness. Your mind may get into some obsessive overthinking during Virgo season, especially about relationships, how much work you have to do and how unfair it is. There will be a lot of 6th House work to be done. The 6th house is the daily responsibilities, personal responsibilities, and the work you have to do. The house is what area in your life you will learn the lesson. The planet brings you the lesson which will be about your perception of your responsibilities and how much work you have to do. The sign tells you how to learn the lesson and since it is Virgo. You will learn the lesson by being logical.

.There is an area in your life where you are doing most of the work and someone and/or someones are slacking off. They are leaving you all the responsibilities of everyday life and you feel burdened, overworked, and exhausted. You feel like you have no help and all the work is on you. You look around and see all the work you do to make life easier for others around you and how no one returns the favor. Can be a spouse, a partner, a boss, coworkers, or your children, but others are slacking and it is all on you. You are overburdened and it is not fair. 

Try to be logical about it. Ask yourself why should others around me have a so much easier life than me and leave me with all the responsibilities? Why am I doing all this work for others so their life can be enjoyable but my life sucks so bad? What can I do to make things more equal for me? It is probably a surprise to you that you went so long and didn’t notice it, and now it is so glaringly obvious things are not equal. That you do everything while others have it pretty easy

You may just be obsessively thinking about it and feeling more and more burdened, the frustration and unfairness just building and building. Until you explode. This is exactly what you don’t want to do. You want to be logical, rational, and reasonable. Luckily, Mercury is the planet of communication too. You want to logically start explaining to others about how you feel and take reasonable steps to a solution. You want to put up boundaries and keep them, that this unequal giving and taking can no longer continue. If it does continue after you have established your boundaries and expressed how you feel. You may want to consider removing yourself from the situation whatever it may be. All of the energy in Virgo season is supporting you to do this work and taking action. You deserve better in life than being overburdened, overworked, and underappreciated. It is time to let go of some of those responsibilities you have taken on and delegate some of them. 

Virgo and Mercury rule the Third Eye Chakra. This is the chakra that is over your perception and how you perceive things. I am not going to lie to you, the Third Eye energy is going to be intense this month. You can expect to have some headaches, head pain, and some eye issues. The Third Eye Chakra is connected to your real eyes you see with and you can experience blurry vision or eye irritation. You may have a headache that moves around your head. This is the energy moving around and finding mental blocks that need to be removed. You may just feel something moving around in your head which can be freaky. It is just energy. If you start to have obsessive overthinking let it flow. It will stop when the energy stops.

You can also look at your birth chart and see where else you have Mercury and Virgo placements but most the energy will be focusing on your 6th house and Third Eye Chakra. Here is the free birth chart I use:

Happy Virgo Season,