Full Moon in Aquarius August 2022: Stop Worrying and Get Prepared

Full Moon in Aquarius August 2022: Stop Worrying and Get Prepared

There is a Full Moon in Aquarius on Thursday August 11th. This Full Moon is going to get you ready for Uranus going retrograde on August 24th. It is preparing you to break a cycle that will end a difficult period you have been going through, to set you back on your divine path, and stop you from deceiving yourself. 

How are you deceiving yourself? By worrying and this cycle of worrying needs to go so you can get back on your divine path. There is no worrying on your divine path because it will never lead you wrong and you are always protected. When you worry you are not trusting your path and the Universe. You are not following and having faith on the divine path the Universe has laid for you on the path to your Higher Self. To get back on your path, try to go with the flow and align yourself with the flow of the Universe. 

You may have felt confusion and doubt lately about where you are going in life. You may be experiencing some bad luck and things just plain going wrong. This is from Jupiter retrograde that began on July 28th. Trust your path and these are just obstacle to cause you to go inside and do some soul searching. Retrogrades are for you to slow down not just the retrograding planet. 

You may have felt the energy building up, this happens in a waxing moon phase and then you have a big release on the Full Moon. Letting out all those emotions and feelings for healing. The ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus. The planet of liberation and Uranus is here to liberate you from confusion, doubt, and worrying. All these are very detrimental to your divine path. You are saying to the Universe “I do not trust you”.

How you get through this is Aquarian energy. Aquarius is the Sage archetype and also the natural ruler of the 11th house along with Uranus. Aquarius is all about welcoming change and staying open minded. The negative trait of Aquarian Sage energy is confusion and doubt. How you get through this is with understanding and a deep desire to find your truth about yourself.  This truth you find out about yourself will lead to more awareness, attainment of knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment. You find these truths about yourself by soul searching. Aquarius is a fixed sign and so is Leo and we are in Leo season, both are asking you to slow down and do this soul searching. Start with, why am I confused and doubtful about my future direction and purpose, dig deep to find your answers. Do this work before Uranus goes retrograde and you will be prepared for it. 

Questions to ask yourself: 

  • Why am I feeling this way?
  • When have I felt this way in the past?
  • Are there any patterns?
  • What does this reveal to me about my purpose and who I can become?

This full moon energy will be focused on releasing worry and doubt about your future purpose and direction. It will be affecting your God’s Mouth Chakra also called Well of Dreams and Jade pillow. This chakra is located on the back of your neck under your skull. It is where we get information about our divine path, purpose and what direction to take. These are commonly called downloads. Aquarius and Uranus rule this chakra. It is where breakthrough and advance ideas will come from. So expect while doing this work to have some great ideas surface they may be even kind of radical. You can expect some headaches and your neck being sore during this full moon as energy is working on removing blockages so these ideas can surface. These headaches can come and go just like the energy does. These ideas will directly be related to your divine path, purpose, and what direction to take. Grab onto that crazy inventor energy Aquarius provides and reinvent yourself. 

You can also look for other Aquaruis and Uranus placements in your birth chart. I use this site:


This chart will also tell you if you were born during a retrograde, with an R next to the planet.

Happy Full Moon,