New Moon In Leo: Seeing The Truth About Relationships and Partnerships

We have a New Moon in Leo on July 28th, 2022. Leo is a Fixed, Fire Sign. Fixed signs are a time for you to soul search and Fire signs help you release subconscious blocks so you can see through illusions, by the end of Leo Season you will, if you have done the work, see through an illusion. The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun. The Sun will shine it’s light and help you dispel this illusion, that has been blocking your willpower and your intuition. Illusions also block our intuition. 

We have cycles inside of cycles in the Universe when it comes to healing. Summer started a cycle of identifying where in our life we don’t have an equal give and take situations, partnerships, and relationships. Cancer season helped us release emotions that kept us in these unequal partnerships. Leo Season will help us release an illusion that keeps us in these relationships. Illusions are over our Third Eye Chakra and cause us to not see things clearly, have a skewed perception, and keep us from seeing the truth about people and situations. 

Fixed Signs sit in the middle of a season, between a Cardinal Sign and a Mutable Sign. They are a time for you to soul search and look for answers inside. You also will receive energy that will help you make progress in breaking a karmic cycle. This is a cycle you have been through over and over again. 

The Moon is in a waning phase, this was a time for you to heal and take your power back, since the last Full Moon in Capricorn. New Moons start a cycle and end a pervious cycle of healing. After a New Moon the Moon will be in a waxing phase until a Full Moon. In a waxing phase the energy will build up until a release at the Full Moon, then it will start waning again until a New Moon. The New Moon will also help you release a healing cycle so you can begin another one. 

This New Moon will affect everyone’s Throat Chakra and 5th house of Self-Expression. You may have a sudden act up of allergies, sore throat, sinus issues, and having to clear your throat. You may have a hard time expressing yourself and understanding others and/or people understanding you. Anytime in Leo season and especially around the New Moon in Leo. It will affect anywhere else in your chart where you have Leo placements. 

To find out where you have Leo Placements use this free chart:

New Moon in Leo will help you see and identify where you have unequal partnerships in your life. These could be personal. Intimate, or business partnerships. You will be able to tackle this issue and break this karmic cycle for good in Virgo season, by the time we have a New Moon in Virgo on August 27th you will have broken this karmic cycle. First you have to be able to see the problem, Leo and the Sun will help you do this. Summer is a season of abundance. Leo sitting in the middle of the summer season will help you attract abundance. Abundance is just not money but healthy relationships. We all deserve healthy happy relationships in life. Where there is an equal give and take. Just surrender and trust the process. This is not the time for you to be using your energy. Just go with the flow of the Universe and let that energy do the work for you. 

Happy New Moon.