Jupiter Retrograde 2022: You May Be Surprised How This Retrograde Will Affect You


Jupiter will go retrograde from July 28th to October 28th in Aries. Then October 29th to November 23rd in Pisces.  The first half of Jupiter retrograde you want to draw on Aries fiery energy Aries and be fearless, brave and confident. Aries take leaps of faith into new beginnings. You want to leap into this retrograde full steam ahead like a Fire Cardinal sign would. The second half draw on Pisces watery energy and be empathetic, compassionate, and intuitive,

Jupiter is the I Grow planet. It is all about truth and expansion. Finding out a truth so you can expand your consciousness and awareness. Jupiter also has to do with beliefs, confidence, opportunity, optimism, finances, wealth, health, justice, luck, fortune, growth, abundance, understanding, charity, expansion, higher education, good fortune, confidence, vitality, success, generosity, and the lessons you can learn.

A planet doesn’t actually go backwards when in retrograde, it slows down. You are supposed to slow down during a retrograde too. Slow down and do inner reflection until you learn the lesson the retrograde brings you. Lessons are always inside you not outside or around you. Once you learn the lesson the retrograde will no longer affect you. 

This retrograde will affect everyone’s:

  • 1st house is connected to the Root Chakra. First house focuses on physical self, identity, early childhood, personality, and public persona. Aries is at home in the 1st house. 
  • 9th house is connected to your Zealpoint Chakra. This chakra is located in the middle of your back behind your Solar Plexus Chakra, it is a Higher Chakra. 9th house focuses on beliefs, social areas, higher education, patterns of behaviors, inner-self and perception of life. Jupiter is at home in 9th house. 
  • 12th house which is connected to your Soulstar Chakra. This chakra is on the back of your head behind the Third Eye Chakra. This is a Higher Chakra. The 12th house focuses on the subconscious, the unknown, spirituality, sharing in the knowledge of something secret, and past Karma. Your consciousness resides here and you learn lessons that free you from past destructive patterns and past karma. Pisces is at home in the 12th house. 

If you were not born during a Jupiter Retrograde you will focus on taking your power back during this retrograde. Take your power back over something that overwhelms you and achieve balance. You will master a part of your subconscious that keeps you feeling trapped and unable to focus on your goals. This will lead to a transformation when Jupiter goes direct on November 23rd. Your challenge is to surrender to the process and trust the Universe. You do not want to use your own power or energy during this time. You want to focus on yourself and use only appropriate power during this retrograde. If you do this you will end a karmic cycle and raise your vibration. You can expect to feel a bit lazy and drained during this time due to poor rest. Practice self-care and try to rest as often as you can. This does not mean you will feel this way the entire retrograde. This ends as soon as you do the work you need to do during the retrograde.

If you were born during a Jupiter Retrograde you will be presented an opportunity to receive abundance. You will be attracting your dreams and desires and have opportunities to use your willpower to do this. You want to focus on goals during this Jupiter retrograde. You will gain some self-mastery during this time.You will also be lucky during this time. I thoroughly expect someone with Jupiter Retrograde in their birth chart to win the Mega Millions Jackpot during Leo Season, as the Sun represents success and winning.

I was born during a Jupiter Retrograde and how this retrograde affected me was a few days of bad luck. I did not slow down so the Universe slowed me down. I then opened up to my lesson and it is about changing my beliefs. It also about detaching from those beliefs. I was so focused on some worldly matters I was putting them first. I had to detach and change my focus back onto myself. This got rid of my bad luck and put me back on track. I also notice being born during Jupiter Retrograde, I received my lesson immediately after the retrograde began. Like the next day. 

Use this link to get a free copy of your birth chart. I picked this link because it shows if you were born during a retrograde. There will be an R next to the planet and sign the retrograde happened in. 


Happy Jupiter Retrograde,