Leo Season Is All About Taming Your Pride

Leo Season begins Friday the 22nd of july and ends the 22nd of August, 2022. The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun. Just like The Sun tarot card brings you clairity, so does the Sun during Leo Season. Cancer season helped us remove emotional blocks to our willpower and Virgo Season is going to help us tackle a negative situation in our life. Leo season is in the middle and helps us remove blocks to our intuition that cause us to have illusions, that keeps us from seeing the truth clearly about situations.

After Leo season you will be able to see the negative situation in your life, from the clairity the Sun brings you. It will also bring you inner strength and self-discipline, and help you let inner conflict go. This will affect the fixed signs the most Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio. Fixed signs are in the middle of seasons, summer, fall, winter, and spring and they are the stabilizers of the zodiac. Therefore they bring us balance.

The negative situation is going to be a karmic cycle we haven’t broken. You will need your inner strength and self-discipline to break this cycle, This negative situation will be about your pride and ego. The lion is the symbol of Leo and a group of lions is called a pride. People with the sign of Leo are very prideful of their accomplishments, their looks, and who they are. They also have high standards about how people treat them. This negative situation is going to be a karmic cycle about how people treat you and when someone hurts your pride and ego. This trigger has to go on your path to self-mastery. The intuition block that is removed will have you fight for what you want and Cancer Season prepared you for this be removing blocks to your willpower that held you back.

Leo season is preparing you for happiness and caring about what people think about you or say about you will bring you a lot of unhappiness. It will also prepare you to become a vibrational match to break this karmic cycle, that is keeping you from abundance. Abundance isn’t about just money but having everything you want in life. Healthy relationships, happiness, health, and doing what you love. This is a missed opportunity in self-love. Leo’s love themselves and Leo Season will help you love yourself more, bring balance, and shift you into a higher level of consciousness. 

The sign of Leo and the Sun rule the fifth house. The house of self-expression. This will affect your throat chakra. You may experience a dry cough, sore throat, allergies getting worse, having to clear your throat a lot and even some teeth pain. This is from energy coming and helping you release from your throat chakra, so you can express yourself more, speak your truth, and express yourself clearly. You may have headaches from the illusion being removed from your third eye chakra. This illusion causes you to not be able to see the truth in situations, expect a lot of truths be revealed to you, from the clairity you gain. 

I have Leo in Mercury and the Sun in Cancer in my 7th house. The 7th house is your relationships, personal or business and your connection to others house. This will be affecting my Crown Chakra too, Your Crown Chakra is your connection chakra. My pride and ego allow people to hurt me and this happening in my relationships. I need to learn to express how I feel better, when others don’t treat me like I think I deserve to be treated. This is my karmic cycle.

Look in your birth chart where you have Leo placements and in which house or houses, will tell you what Leo Season is bringing you and what your karmic cycle is. Houses are where you learn the lesson, planets tell you what the lesson is, and signs are how you learn the lesson. I found a better link to do your birth chart on for free. It tells you which houses and signs you have the planets in. Remember that Leo Season will affect everyone’s fifth house and throat chakra. Look for Leo placements in your other houses. 


Happy Leo Season.